10 Exceptional Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen Space

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Light fixtures are extremely important to any kitchens, no matter the theme. Your space can go from dull and boring to spectacularly elegant by simply mounting up some statement lighting.

Here are some ideas you might want to try out in order to give your space a striking feature!


Copper Spheres
Pendant lights hanging above the countertop offer great illumination especially for food prep. Not only that, it also boosts the overall style of the kitchen space.


The Beauty Of Symmetry
If you’re not into the crazy, over the top light fixtures, then maybe a couple of simple yet elegantly proportioned pieces will suit you best. Just remember to choose the design that will still stand out from the background.


Caged Chandeliers
To give your space a bit of a lavish look; you could always fix some stunningly caged chandeliers. These fixtures not only brighten up the place, but also create beautiful shadow lines and that exceptional luxe factor.


Metallic and White
For an organized look, incorporate silver metallic pendant lights in your white kitchen. This unifies the area and makes it seem neat as well as light and airy.


A Touch Of Vintage
Opt for antique style pieces to achieve a serenely dramatic look. Go for something bold, but not too extravagant— just enough to fill the room with radiance and light.


Geometric Pieces
Unique pendant lights will always be trendy no matter what year we’re in. These geometrical fixtures stand out from the crowd with its exceptional design that lifts up the entire area. It looks like a dangling piece of art, plus a remarkable centre-piece.


Enormous Lanterns
To make up for the streamlined look on the background, the owners of this outstanding kitchen decided on fixing up three, over-the-top lanterns. They may look quite gigantic but they balance out the over-all vibe of the space.


Industrial Vibe
Neutral-toned scheme, steel chairs, impeccably white flooring, with a combination of globe-encased bulb lights and a classic chandelier on the background; calls for a spectacular industrial kitchen setting.


Triple Matt Gray
This space is the perfect setting for families who loves to hang out in the kitchen. This long contemporary kitchen island fused with a seating area, coupled with three stylishly functional matt pendants for task lighting, plus two additional twig-designed wall fixtures; is the ideal zone to catch up with each other while munching on some delicious meal.


Statement light fixtures can be quite expensive, so why not make your own! Collect some sturdy mason jars and fix them altogether to create one spectacular piece of lighting.

DIY instructions on how to make them are literally everywhere on the web; you just have to give some of your time and patience to build this beauty.

Experiment these creative ideas and transform your kitchen space into one stroke of genius.