10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

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One of the most popular areas to renovate in a home is definitely the kitchen.

These days, the kitchen is often called the heart of the home which means a magnificent kitchen design makes for a magnificent home.

Whether you’re renovating your current kitchen, or building one for a new home, deciding on the kitchen design is never easy. There are huge decisions to make, and plenty more materials to choose from!

We’ve collected some of the most beautiful modern kitchens, to help you get some ideas for your own space.


Cosy Modern Kitchen

A strong indoor-outdoor connection and an open-concept design definitely widen up the area. It has a light and airy feel, ample storage and a remarkably unobtrusive island which makes this space look superbly contemporary.


Dark and Dramatic Kitchen

This kitchen stands out from the rest thanks to its dark and dramatic vibe, with its crisp white ceiling, dark-toned units and lighter-toned flooring to balance out the overall effect.


Contemporary Black and White

Storage is everywhere in this minimalist kitchen.

From the sleek island to the floor-to-ceiling cabinets adjoining the crisp white cupboards, and the warm earthy accents; everything about this space is modernly on point.


Industrial Loft Kitchen

Open shelving were mounted instead of the traditional cabinets for a more open look.

An elongated breakfast bar in canary yellow gives a playful colour into the room, matched with the dark-toned chairs tucked under the bar. For an additional organic element, a tall wood sculpture and spheres were placed, creating a modern gallery vibe.


Glass Cottage

Massive windows fill this modern space, offering more natural light to envelope the whole area.

These sleek kitchen countertops with integrated sinks create a soft, modern feel. The tall handle-less cabinets conceal other kitchen appliances and utensils for a streamlined look.


Orange-themed Kitchen

The orange chairs with high-gloss plastic backs enhance this kitchen’s sleek look and are very easy to clean, making them perfect for families with small children. The striking orange splashback on the other hand, breaks up the abundance of white cabinetry in this kitchen.


Wooded Floor

Select a hardwood floor for a timelessly classic style.

Wood wears over time, but it tends to hide dirt very well. A hardwood floor enhances the warmth and character of any space, and it’s also a softer underfoot than tile or marble.


Multi-Use Kitchen

A multipurpose island like this one can be used for both dining and counter space.

With no formal dining room, this home owner opted for a multipurpose island, which can be used for dining, and for extra cooking space. The tall bench and stainless fridge adds to the industrial feel of the kitchen, while the striking earth hue warms up the entire space.


Clean Kitchen Design

This kitchen may not have a wide area, but it certainly has a lot of extra storage space.

The sleek countertop with pans suspended above, makes food prep a lot easier while the streamlined backsplash adds a modern yet classic touch. The fresh green accessories elevate this room’s neutral palette as well.


White Modern Kitchen

The white shaker-style cabinets offer a fresh look in this modern kitchen.

Open shelving makes the space feel bigger whilst providing great place to exhibit vintage pottery and art. The white walls, counters and cabinets create contemporary yet classic twist.

Make your kitchen an extension of your creativity. Fill it up with elements that would suit your style and character.


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