10 White Kitchen Designs That Perfectly Match Your Kitchen Worktops

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

While trends vary from time to time, having a white kitchen with a white worktop is always in style. White mostly brings brightness as well as its clean aura and can work with every design. Here are some reasons to use a white worktop with a white kitchen and how you can use it in different ways.



A white kitchen can automatically transform your room into a modern one. Just add natural fiber rug into the design and it can automatically provide the room with more warmth. White is also not distracting and gives those who enter your kitchen a pleasant view.



When we say white kitchen, you will also have to determine how far you would want the colour in all part of the kitchen. Should it all be white with just the floor and the kitchen worktop with the contrasting color? Must all the appliance also be white? It is possible to place a bit colour or a piece of art that could stand out in the kitchen and it would still be called a white kitchen.


Mid-century modern

This design is perfect for kitchens as it provides for special furniture to stand out. Place natural materials with a chic style and your kitchen will look perfect.


Scandinavian modern

If you want simplicity but still want that European style, then this is the kitchen for you. Place a white wood table with a white floor and walls and your kitchen is complete.


Sophisticated country

This style is also perfect with white and will even be perfect with a white worktop. Just have polished wood floors and light fixtures and accessories to create that country element.


Black and white

If you do not want an all-white kitchen, you can infuse it with black. How about black stools with white kitchen islands or a black granite worktop with a white splashback? The choices in designs are endless.



It is easy to create a French-inspired kitchen with white as the main theme. Add Madeline chairs, large glass bottles and other accessories that can create the right atmosphere.


Vintage modern

A kitchen with polished wood floors and crisp white floors can make it modern and yet vintage. Add a bit of old with the modern design and you will automatically transform your kitchen into this.



An industrial design in kitchens bring practicality and affordability and it is a trend that will never be old. You can add brick walls or choose a distinct island to get the job done.



Creating a kitchen with a traditional theme will allow you to transform your space into the 18th, 19th and also the early 20th centuries. Add a vintage worktop that has that New-England feel together with some Windsor-inspired stool to give that perfect pair.

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