15 Different Splashback Examples For Your Kitchen

You can add some OOMPPHHH to the overall look and feel of your kitchen with some unique splashbacks. If you want a sophisticated touch of elegance and style for your kitchen, then go for luxurious splashbacks. If you want to add some life and color to your kitchen, then splashbacks in vibrant colors would be the best way to go.

Remember, your splashbacks should also focus on the four main aspects that can make or break the design of your kitchen. These are quality, symmetry, color theme and layout. Quality refers to the materials of your splashbacks and the execution of its design, while symmetry and layout are all about how your splashbacks and where you place it can go well with the other items in your kitchen. Color theme is on the other hand about how your splashbacks can serve as effective accents to the overall color theme of your kitchen.

To give you unique ideas for your kitchen, here are 15 creative splashback concepts from some of the best kitchen designers of the world today:

15 Creative Splashback Concepts You Probably Haven’t Heard Before:

1.    Photography-Styled Splashbacks – You can choose any digital image that you like, blow it up, print it out and use it for your splashbacks. For family-themed splashbacks, you can use a family portrait. Be creative, and you’re sure to end up with amazing looking splashbacks that can wow and impress your guests to no end.

2.    Farm House-Themed Splashbacks – Want that rustic, comfortable look and feel for your kitchen? You can use salvaged boards for this. Just choose ones made out of similar high quality material as the other items in your kitchen, apply some varnish or paint and position it at the best areas in your kitchen.

3.    Coffee Station-Styled Splashbacks – You can use reclaimed wood for these splashbacks. Just make sure to select reclaimed wood that’s similar to some of the wooden items in your kitchen, such as your dining set, doors, cabinets, drawers and appliances.

4.    Retro-Themed Splashbacks – Vintage bottle caps are stylish items that you can use for these splashbacks. Just keep in mind to match the color theme of your vintage splashbacks with some of the other items in your kitchen.

5.    Modern Funk-Styled Splashbacks – Salvaged downhill skis can be used for these splashbacks. Just a bit of creativity and some elbow grease can give you unique splashbacks for your kitchen.

6.    Elegant Traditional-Styled Splashbacks – You can use antique mirrors from your local DIY shop or hardware store for these splashbacks. This can also make your kitchen look more spacious.

7.    Classroom-Themed Splashbacks – Just use some magnetic chalkboard paint for these splashbacks, and you’re done. Overall look and feel would solely be up to you, since you can choose from a wide assortment of paints for this.

8.    Country-Styled Splashbacks – Buttons of clothes and other garments can be used for these splashbacks. Just keep in mind symmetry and color theme when creating these unique splashbacks for your kitchen.

9.    Gypsy-Styled Splashbacks – Coins, modern or antique ones, would be great to use for these splashbacks. Also add some other items to improve the look and feel of your design.

10.    Industrial-Themed Splashbacks – Copper metal sheets and some paint can do wonders for these splashbacks. Elbow grease would also be required, in case you want to cut these copper metal sheets in custom shapes to best suit the style of your kitchen.

11.    Cottage-Styled Splashbacks – Tiles and other ceramic materials, even pieces from china items, can be used for these splashbacks. This can give your kitchen a humble and comfortable look.

12.    Bar-Styled Splashbacks – Wine corks can be used for these splashbacks. Just cut it according to the shapes and sizes that you want, and you’re done.

13.    Rustic Country-Themed Splashbacks – Stained glass can be used for these splashbacks. Smoked glass is another good option.

14.    Winery-Themed Splashbacks – Used wooden wine crates would be perfect for these splashbacks. You can add some paint or other items if you want.

15.    Classic Industrial-Styled Splashbacks – Tin tiles or molded plastic panels can be used for these splashbacks. You can add some paint to get your desired finish.

Try these splashback concepts out for your home and see what you think.