15 Kitchen Design Ideas

Black high gloss kitchen

The living room may be the social centre of many homes, but a lot of people have a tendency to spend an awful lot of time in their kitchens which makes it extremely important to have a space that works best for you and your guests.

Here are some of the kitchen ideas we’ve compiled to help you create the dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted!

Modernly Informal
Position your kitchen space near a door where there’s enough natural light to flood the entire area.

Place some bar stools along with a sleek island that functions as both dining area and countertop to save a lot of essential space. Mounting a garden outside would give your home a light and airy feel as well.

Dutch Inspired
This kitchen looks ethereal with a fireplace adorned with 17th-century Delft tiles and columns.

The double-door cupboard, bronze chandelier, 18th-century French armchair, and the zinc architectural finial brings a touch of authentic vintage in this fully functional space.


A Touch of Art
Combine the art of architecture and ornament painting in your own kitchen.

Keep the kitchen units and the appliances, as sleek and plain as possible so it wouldn’t overcrowd the area. Place some fresh greens as well to give it a homey feel, and the end result would be a cozy room with bit of theatrical vibe.

Reclaimed Treasures
Consider revamping your space utilizing some of your old things like this chic farmhouse kitchen.

Save a lot of money by making your very own dining set from reclaimed oak. Just place some modern pieces to top it off the result would be superb.

Earthly Feel
Blending the tones of nature has an understated elegance that will always stay trendy and classy. Create you space to look simple, clean and light yet brimming with immaculately charming details and textures.

Elegant Black

A kitchen with a dark-colour scheme is not for everybody, but this homeowner definitely works it well. The owner played with different textures and elements which made this space glamorously contemporary.

Spacious and Contemporary
This roomy space oozes with light and contemporary kitchen design from the handle-less cabinets, hugely functional island, dangling steel lights, and tall windows. It’s definitely a perfect area to house a party.

Perfect for Gatherings
If you’re a person who loves to host house parties, then this long kitchen island is the ideal piece for you.

The island is huge enough for people to gather around while the cook is preparing the meal, or even join in on the food prep. The unit is also stainless steel, designed to be strong and easy to clean. You could also mount a fabulous open shelving on one wall to display all your artistic pieces.

Moroccan Vibe
Create your kitchen space to be this elegantly chic.

Select a colour theme of your choice and base your pieces on it. Mount a mosaic-like splashback, several open shelving to exhibit potteries and other utensils, and maybe even a glass pendant like the one on this kitchen.

Mix of Hues
A great space does not always mean you should stick to one or two tones. You could also merge different hues and blend them altogether to create one beautiful room with dash of colours.

Experiment with diverse pieces as well, but just be sure that they would blend well together to create a spontaneous yet surprisingly harmonious look.

Industrial Chic
Even if you’re not able to have a home with exposed brick walls, you can still achieve an industrial style by incorporating subtle pieces to create one glamorous kitchen.

Place a blackboard wall, stainless chairs, awesome set of authentic industrial lights and you got yourself a rustically industrial feel.

Small yet Incredible
Not all people can afford a huge house with a huge kitchen. Most of us settle for a cozy space with a remarkably tiny kitchen.

Your space may be small, but it can still be elegantly sleek and contemporary. Just place some handle-free units from Ikea teamed with sleek worktops to save space, and mount a mirror glass for the splashback to create an illusion of a wider area.

Best of Both Worlds
Combine humble materials with expensive ones to save budget, and also to make your space cozier.

This wood kitchen with stainless fridge, white Corian island, sleek stove, open shelving, and pendant lights gives this space a fusion of country design with modern technology.

Rustic White
A rustic wooden table against an impeccably white backdrop will do wonders just like this chic country kitchen. Add some green and blue accessories to complete the whole rustic yet homey look.

Accessorize Your Space
Fill your kitchen area with great accessories that would still blend well when combined together. Keep the colours neutral, and let your imagination go wild on the subtle pieces like the witty clock, dangling lampshades, and the greenery herb display like this kitchen has.

Let your imagination and creativity fill your kitchen. Experiment on these ideas the next time you want to create or revamp your space!