20 Great Kitchen Islands

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There is the potential to create stunning display, storage, and functionality in every household kitchen. Nevertheless, not all kitchens have enough of the qualities mentioned.

A kitchen island answers these complications whilst looking stunningly beautiful by doing it. From seating area kitchen islands to mobile islands, the convenience of having one or two in your kitchen space is a great advantage.

If you are privileged enough to choose or even design a home with a kitchen island unit, then you’re really in for a treat! For those who are still in doubt to have one, have a look at these 20 great kitchen islands.


Steel white
Design your kitchen with a multi-functional island that can be used for food preparation, as well as an area where other family members can hang out and even help with the prep.

This white kitchen with sleek accents of stainless steel is perfect for such activity. The countertop is flawlessly gleaming, and yet effortlessly easy to clean! You could simply wipe it after each use.


Black and white
If you’re more inclined into a minimalistic look, then going for a monochromatic theme is the best way to go.

Create an island with a transitional zone where one area is made for food prep, while the other is a great space to accommodate guests. You can never go wrong by combining black furniture pieces with white seamless units.


Upcycled desk
Re-purpose an old desk by transforming it into a functional island. You could use it as your very own butcher’s block, while storing vegetables and stacking baskets beneath it.

Integrate architectural salvage with authentic period pieces throughout the whole space and you got yourself an epic kitchen.


Industrial style
Combining reclaimed pieces can offer a unified industrial look.

Place salvaged iron stool pieces with a reclaimed wood counter, topped with some overhanging industrial lights to complete the look. The bricked wall and woven rag contributes to the whole theme as well.


Floating Island
Design a kitchen island that would fit even in the most unconventional nooks in your home. Choose a space, wide enough to mount a floating island that could serve as a breakfast bar, and a prep area; a perfect way to utilize unused space.


Tiny Island
Give your small kitchen space the charm of an old-fashioned island.

Turn an old wooden cabinet into a striking focal point, as well as a practical kitchen workspace. Remove the drawers on the bottom shelf to provide lots of storage spaces for your tableware.


Glam it up
Merge matte black units with an impeccable wood material for the walls and the flooring.

It then creates a certain luxurious illusion that looks like a combination of Black and Gold. The whole area was decorated with great precision that the sleek, matte units could emit shadows of other furniture.


White and wood
Blend a dark-toned island worktop with its matching bar stools in a kitchen full of white units, and it instantly becomes the focal point. The dark hue generates a certain balance to shrug off the “clinical” vibe a white kitchen tends to create.


Salvaged find

This tiny salvaged piece still made a huge impact to the overall look of the kitchen. It became the centre-piece of the otherwise, ordinary-looking kitchen, and gave it some vintage feel whilst achieving its purpose.


Island storage
An island is a great way to integrate more storage and avoid clutter by using cupboards, drawers, and shelves.

This is also the perfect way to display certain items by using open shelving. Store dishes within reach and place your cookbooks or other items you find useful.


Hand crafted style
If you can’t find that one perfect island that fits your taste in any markets or even reclaimed shops, then why don’t you create your own?

You don’t necessarily have to make it from scratch. You could always modify an old cabinet and transform it to become a handcrafted island. Make use of the space above the unit as well by adding suspended storage to show off a collection of matching pans.


Statement bar stools
Sometimes, an island itself is not enough to complete a look. What it need is a pair of statement bar stools that stands out from the rest of the space. It’s the perfect area to relax while lounging with a glass of wine in hand.


A dash of colour
Having more counter space adds and extra room for preparation, so multiple chefs can utilize the area.

It’s also a great way to make your space extra stylish, by using a different color for the island counters than the rest of the room to make a sophisticated contrasting look.


Creative seating
A tall dining table with elevated seating can be the perfect island for prep and dining when positioned correctly. Reserve some space underneath the countertop for an added storage area.


Marble Island
Make your kitchen be the centre of your home where you can work, cook and gather with friends.

And what better way to decorate it than by placing an exquisite marble island. The glossy finish of this piece certainly upgrades the whole vibe of the area.


Stylishly functional
If you’re looking to create a more casual bar-seating option, adding a low-profile seating to the island is a stress-free way to boost style and functionality!

It’s a way to make the atmosphere more social for both the cook and the guests. Create a dining table or a breakfast bar that offers enough area to tuck chairs when not in use.


Farm Chic
Store your vegetables neatly and stylishly by utilizing this kitchen island’s design. It not only blends perfectly well with the scheme but also offers lots of storage area.


Light and Dark
A perfect way to socialize with people is through good food and fine drinks.

By merging your kitchen island with a dining space, you could effortlessly entertain while prepping at the same time. Dark, wood pieces for the dining area would look stunning in a room filled with white units.


Color-blocked accents
Effortlessly divide a space without putting some barricade. Mounting units of contrasting colours usually creates the trick. Adding an island unit however, could certainly set the whole look.


Multi-level Goodness
Add another vibrant feature by making variation in the height of your island unit.

Using the unit for several purposes will maximize its functionality. You could add an appliance to one level and form a breakfast bar on the higher part of the unit.

Experiment with these designs and decide which would fit best in your own space!