7 Reasons Why Blackboards Are Great Kitchen Accessory

If you’re tired of rummaging around the kitchen for a paper and pen to take note of the weekly shopping list, or remind yourself of some important chores to do, why not mount your very own blackboard instead?

Select from a compact chalkboard for to-do lists and little notes, or a full-sized blackboard wall where everyone can create sketches and doodles for all to admire.

Brighten up the space
A spread of wide blackboard is the perfect complement to a sleek, contemporary kitchen with a combination of dark wood surfaces and stainless steel units. It introduces an element of creativity and fun into a very modern scheme.

The wonder wall
Renovate an entire wall with a few containers of blackboard paint and a brush.

The result would be an attention-grabbing wall of indoor graffiti that everyone can draw and write with on a daily basis. If you want a clean slate, merely wipe all the writings away within a few minutes.

Back to school scheme
Recreate your school days with a convenient blackboard, a pair of pendant metal lights, some industrial-style stools, and a bunch of white metro tiles into your kitchen for a full-on, modern chemistry lab ensemble.

Don’t forget to store up on plenty of chalk and board wiper so everybody could add their own entries.

The industrial chic
If you’re lucky enough to have a space with bare brick walls, with a mixture of unfitted kitchen elements, why not go for a floor-length blackboard wall to create a surprising element of warm and coziness to the area.

Have plenty of coloured chalk to enhance the vibrant atmosphere as well.

Utilize different areas
Blackboard paint is an effortless way to customise a lot of features in the kitchen, and not just the walls.

Anything from plant pots to fridges and old jam jars can be given a chalkboard makeover to form the quirkiest of display boards. However, you may find that the fridge is a family favourite because everyone uses it.

The backdrop
A full-length blackboard is a perfect way to add some quirkiness into contemporary urban lofts and modern bachelor pads. This meek decorating tool helps to generate a laid-back and relaxed ambience with a fascinating twist.

Side Notes
A standard sized blackboard installed at the end of cabinet units can be filled with shopping lists and scribbles. Just be sure to hang the board at a child-friendly height for them to be able to add their own contributions.

Experiment on these ideas to give your space a touch of creativity without having to spend a lot of money.