9 DIYs to Transform Your Kitchen Space

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Set some time aside to roll up your sleeves and get imaginative in your kitchen but on a slightly different way.

One can do an awful lot of DIY projects from scratch without utilizing too much materials, time, and money. The simple, yet ultimately useful additions can be easily incorporated in your space so let these creative ideas inspire your next craft time!


Label the jars
Transfer your packets and bags of ingredients, sachets, sprinkles and toppings into glass storage or to make things even more organized; place them into identical mason jars. Then get to work on some charming labels to match the whole idea!


Fabric accents
If you have the ability to throw together a quilted oven glove or you simply have a knack for stunning tea towels; integrating some fabric prints in your kitchen could definitely make the place feel instantly cozy.

You could simply repurpose or buy a length of fabric of your choice that would blend well with your theme.


Maximize storage with hooks
All you need is a wooden wall shelf unit and some screw-in cup hooks to make the most out of your wall area. A quick trip to the hardware shop and a slight labour later, you’ll then have a nook to hang all your favourite mugs and whatnot.


A personalized herb garden
Introducing more greeneries into your life can do lots of great thing. You can accomplish this DIY by placing your favourite herbs in a simple wooden planter. You can even stamp the names of each plant to keep everything organized and avoid confusion.


Replace your handles
Switch your old handles with something more noticeable. Fixing leather handles on your kitchen cabinets is a definite boost of style and character. It’s also an easier choice than metal fittings, as well as warmer to the touch than glass or porcelain.


String up some paper chains
This idea doesn’t have to look like your child’s school fair. Remember to keep the design as simple as possible; ditch the patterns and use only one tone of colour. Go for a similar (or closely similar) hue to your kitchen scheme for things to blend well.


Repurpose a crate
Vintage crates are an absolute blessing for they can be upcycled into all sorts of storage. Try using them as kitchen shelf units for your cook books, mugs and other bits of accessories to further enhance the look of your space.


Tools on display
Ensuring that everything is easily accessible in your kitchen can be beneficial. Go for a pro chef look by mounting your own steel rails and S hooks for your beloved utensils, and don’t forget a magnetic bar for your knives as well! This idea will definitely give your kitchen a modern vibe.


Boost things up with paint
For a striking transformation that won’t break your budget, go buy some paints and revamp your traditional kitchen cabinets. Just remember to remove all the handles and get rid of the contents before you start painting.

The kitchen is an area where you can create your own masterpiece, so grab a few crafty materials and experiment on these easy ideas to give your space a definite boost!