A Designer’s Way to Transform Your Kitchen Space

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

There is so more to having a remarkable kitchen space than simply fitting and designing it; it’s the little details that could upgrade the whole look.

With more and more people wanting an open-plan living and adding extensions to their homes, the kitchen have progressively become more vital to the feel and look of the entire house.

It is no longer a space to shut easily forget about; now, your kitchen is a centerpiece as well as a useful space to set up meals and dine. So how can you work your kitchen’s potentials and enhance its stylish appeal? Use these interior designing tips to create a beautiful and functional kitchen space all the same time.

Add some features
A kitchen with mostly white, open-plan space will turn out to be rather special if it is to be added with a stunning marble wall just behind the hob. Marble has now becoming more popular, so putting up a high-contrast look in your space is not only practical but modern and luxurious as well.

Incorporate a few bright elements
If you want to go for a simple monochrome design, incorporate some vibrant colours as your main accessories for the space and the product will be a very fresh bohemian vibe. Maybe even try using a certain palette of three or four colours of similar tones.

Combine materials
You don’t have to include the same style or finish for your wall and base units. A rough wood effect of base cupboards will work wonderfully with some dramatic and classic cabinets up the wall. The warmth and softness of the wood is the ideal combination with the bleak, high-contrast of white and dark grey.

Put it on top
For a smooth and contemporary look, optimize your storage space and put up shelves by taking built-in towers and wall cabinets right up to the ceiling. Full-length cabinets produce an added sleek look and offer a place for the least used equipments.

Light it up
Make a central spot of your task lighting by integrating pendants. This particular style merges visual impact with practicality by adding vibrant colour to a sleek monochrome scheme. Minimalism is the definitive sophistication!

Craft a gallery
With plenty of reflective, white surfaces and ample amount of natural light, a kitchen can be the wonderful space to exhibit art. Showcase your personality and taste, whether it be quirky or classic and cultured. Why not build a gallery wall, but be careful not to position it too close to the hob or even the sink.

Dare to be bold
Go for boldness with a strong vibrant colour that’s quite unanticipated in a kitchen. Choose a rich and striking tone against dark coloured units to set the modernized kitchen space. Acrylic and glass splashbacks come in unlimited designs and colours to match your colour scheme.

Utilize the rule of three
Accessories such as storage canisters and vases are best displayed in odd numbers, which would be three in particular, to achieve utmost style. A simple design trick can elevate your kitchen from a mere cooking space into an entertaining area.

Accomplish a neat look by putting up three silver canisters above a range cooker, for example, or even create a small collection of matching accessories in different heights and shapes.

Just like how the saying goes; the simpler the better. So use these stylish tricks to give that “oohh” factor on your kitchen space!