Achieve the Classic White Scheme in Your Home

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Your style may be coastal, traditional, modern, or even industrial; yet with a classic white kitchen, anything can look astonishing.

White kitchens will always be a classic design for they make a space appear bigger and wider, and improve other design pieces. But above all, a white scheme can blend in any style. It’s acting nearly as a blank canvas, and any decorations you incorporate to the room can get your white scheme in any possible direction you may want.

Work the all white theme
Go all white for an enduring look in the kitchen. Accessorize your room all white from ceramic pieces up to the seating, but still make it feel warm and cozy by putting up subtle details like a carved woodwork or a beautiful chandelier.

Spice it up with accessories
Mounting a bookshelf in the back of a peninsula unit can provide a bright, light space; an area with a relaxing and welcoming vibe. Colorful spines combined with remarkable artwork can transform a room from practical kitchen to cozy cooking and dining space.

Include an industrial piece
Metal pendant lights and the factory stools could instantly give a plain white kitchen an instant edge. Furthermore, by supplementing an area with a marble piece that has subtle grey veins can really emphasize a luxurious feel.

Choose monochrome
A matt, dark, and solid floor makes a truly strong base for a clean white kitchen, emphasizing the individual kitchen units and helping the architectural element of an area to stand out.

Color explosion
Adding colours to a white kitchen brings life and conveys personality. Splash some color on the panels to give your kitchen a coastal vibe and make the island a center of attraction.

Go rustic
Create a vintage feel in a contemporary white kitchen by incorporating natural wood furniture and distressed floorboards. After all, white doesn’t always have to be crisp and glossy.

Fuse with neutrals
White blends magnificently when mixed with natural colours whether it be wood or stone. A marble piece in a strikingly rich earthy hue can immediately brighten up a kitchen, making the plain white units look outstanding rather than frosty.

Accentuate with coloured lights
Coloured lights is a smooth and deep way to include a splash of colour to a white kitchen space. LED lighting under both the base and wall units can truly provide a mild glow without diminishing the polished white scheme.

White doesn’t have to be boring. With some splash of creativity, your kitchen space could transform instantly! Click here to see all our white kitchens.