Add Character to Your Kitchen with These Design Tricks

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

From wooded walls to tin ceiling tiles, here are some new ways to inject some pattern and style to your kitchen space!

The kitchen can seem too functional and practical but less stylish and chic, in spite our best efforts. So much time is used up on putting everything in the right place and picking the right appliances that once it’s all operational, we tend to just leave it out that way.

Here are some ways to help you deal with the dullness and upgrade the whole look of your space!

Look for inspirations
Elaborate ceiling tiles can add an instant glamour to a plain white kitchen. The reflective exterior of the tiles can also bounce light from the windows, making an attractively bright and vivid room.

Experiment with textures
Marbled walls combined with wood cupboards and a statement copper piping? Yes, it can definitely work out well. Don’t be too anxious to experiment with diverse layers and textures. You might miss out on the fun!

Add some patterns
Put up some patterned tile on one of kitchen wall to accentuate that area. Just be sure to pick out designs that would go well with the colour of your cabinets for an organized feel.

Photograph display
Generic glass splashbacks are now outdated. As an alternative, get artistic by putting up a preferred picture; may it be a place, a favourite family photo, or just about anything that would mix well with your units. It’s definitely a unique way of attaching art into a modern kitchen.

Brighten it up
Display a vibrant-coloured shelving unit to your kitchen to add more quality. It adds certain liveliness as well as a high-contrast character to any kitchen.

Chalkboard wall
For a stylish and sophisticated look, paint your space with dark shade using chalkboard paint. It would instantly add character to a room and produce a romantic mood, especially when mixed with some warm-colored appliances or kitchen accessories. A perfect idea for your next dinner date!

Introduce some glamour
If you want to create an impact to your space, glamour is the perfect way to go. It does not entirely mean purple velveteen stools or faux thrones. It’s a matter of generating a certain mood with stunning pieces; an oversize glass chandelier would be a perfect example, for it could add drama to any room.

A kitchen can also be a masterpiece; a space that exhibit your tastes and personality.