Add Some Vintage Flair To Your Kitchen Space

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Vintage items and antiques have an irresistible charm that makes them perfect when you wish to add a dash of personality and character to a room.

By integrating some vintage pieces with modern appliances, you can stylishly change your kitchen into a room where you can spend time and entertain guests, rather than just a functional space.

Hunt out everything and anything; from lighting and furniture, to vintage pots and peculiar seats that will definitely add some unique quality into your space.

If you don’t want to go all out, a small change can be made by mounting a vintage lighting. It is a good way of giving off some character into a kitchen that’s already been built without doing drastic modifications.

Stick to functional designs and midcentury style pieces that blend in with your modern appliances for a well-balanced style.

Vintage French
A rustic French theme would work just as well in a British kitchen; merely deviate from the countryside classics we’re more familiar to (homely wooden cupboards and creamy paint shades) and opt for some cooler neutral tones and whites to keep your backdrop elegant and bright. Distressed paintwork could also add a vintage effect of a room.

Include some factory-style lights, a stylish, recycled seating, an excellent well-worn chopping boards, and an old-fashioned copper saucepans to achieve the whole look.

Upsize your table
For large, open spaces and homes where mealtimes can be quite busy, antique workbenches and tables can do wonders especially for kitchen furniture. You can find them through antiques auctions or dealers, or by simply walking around a trade market on a sunny day.

Revamp and recycle
If you like wandering around flea markets and vintage shops, then you surely love hunting out exceptional objects that will add a strong vibe of your personality into your kitchen space. Always think of creative and inventive ideas; maybe even consider recycling in order to extend the purpose of an old object.

To an imaginative mind, a broken piece of wood can be turned into a wine rack; it can be a practical piece of kitchen equipment, and an incredible vintage statement, too.

Go for old-school
Give your room an industrial twist by integrating vintage school pieces. Vintage school chairs can heighten the uniqueness of a kitchen, especially when combined with a wooden kitchen counter.

Mix them with some industrial lighting, as well as cupboards and furniture made from reused vintage floorboards for a rough interior that’s screams ‘too cool for school’.

Combine the old and the new
Add functional vintage furniture (perhaps a cupboard, sideboard or dresser) to a sleek, modern kitchen to have a contrast of the old and new. Modern fixed kitchens can often give off a showroom and sterile vibe if it’s not well planned and designed. Just be sure that your chosen piece serves a purpose, may it be an extra worktop or an extra storage to blend in with the rest of your meticulously planned kitchen.

Don’t throw out antique lamps; simply pick one that you think would fit perfectly with your chosen kitchen palette.

See the signs
A massive piece of creative enamel vintage signage will forever make a stylish statement in a kitchen. It has something to do with their functional look in a practical space. However, do invest in an original than a reproduction if you can, as they are likely to look better.

The large signs in particular, especially the rare designs cost several hundred pounds?at least. But look at it as if you’re investing into a piece of art, and choose something only because you love it.

There are a lot of modern kitchen designs out there that seem a little too clinical. Be imaginative and show off your artistic side by adding some vintage feel into your kitchen!