Aesthetically Pleasing Colourful Kitchens

Colourful kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Let your home be surrounded with heart-warming colour palette..When it comes to planning new kitchen areas or revamping your current one, the wide variety of ideas and styles can make it seem like a challenging task.

Truth is, the trend just comes and goes and the only limiting factor is your imagination and creativity. Be inspired with these aesthetically pleasing kitchen designs and recreate the scheme that works best for you!


The multi-colour solution
Who knew these tones complement each other? By keeping the counter neat ad organized, the perfectly blended tones truly stands out. If you want to play with different colours and textures, be sure to plan your kitchen scheme ahead of time, especially if you want to combine contrasting tones like this one. Remember to be extra careful when choosing the kitchen accessories and utensils that you want to put on display; you don’t want to overdo the look of the space.


Softest shades of blue
A highly saturated kitchen scheme might not everyone’s cup of tea, so why not opt for a pastel shade of blue that’s pleasingly cool to look at. Mix in different shades as well to boost the design of the room, giving it a cosy and modernized feel into it.


Try out the luscious red
To some home owners who are wiling to venture out a bolder colour, this palette might just be the one for you. Go for spectacular red-coloured kitchen drawers and cabinets for that added interest and edge. To keep things balanced, allow the background as well as the cutlery, dish wares, appliances, and other units to be as muted as possible.


Dare to combine
Combining dark neutral hue with bright lively colour definitely boosts the life of this kitchen area. This is the perfect example of a fun kitchen palette that’s super refreshing whilst looking contemporary. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different textures too, like these wooden chairs.


Fusion of colours
This kitchen mastered the art of utilizing multiple colours by blending in different shades of pastel and dark hues that surprisingly looks great. Make sure to keep each colour in its own individual area to achieve an organized feel.


The neutral tones
Calming soft tones paired with rich wooden finishes make for a modern kitchen space. This colour scheme has that contemporary appeal without looking dull and boring. By combining earth tones and cool colours, this kitchen achieved a peaceful, serene look.

Don’t settle for the mainstream and ordinary. Spice up your kitchen area with these colourful ideas!