How To Balance Out An Industrial-Styled Kitchen

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Metallics, stainless steel worktops, and dark-toned timber shelves are somewhat the essentials when creating an industrial-style kitchen that has been dominating the kitchen trends nowadays.

However, for most home owners, their kitchen should still be a comfortable and welcoming space for their family and friends; and sometimes, the rough interior of industrial designs tend to create a harsh vibe, making it less cosy.

To solve that problem, here are ways to soften up and balance out the harshness of this scheme:


Place some accessories
Open shelving combined with white metro tiles can be a little to plain, so mix up the style by opting for a brick wall and placing some decorative glassware, ceramics, and even plants (real or not) in hues that would blend well.


Vintage pieces
Zinc and other metals blend well for they are stylish and functional, so don’t be afraid to combine them with other elements such as with vintage units, fresh organic herbs, and even with brightly coloured bar stools. All vintage items just seem to create a homey feel to any room.


Soft pastel hues
Stainless steels, dark worktops, and matte black units could feel a bit gloomy when mixed together in one room. Why not break them up by incorporating items in soft pastel shades? Choose the ones that won’t overcrowd the area; just enough for it to be noticed since pastel colours easily pops out in dark interior. The combination of both dark and soft hues shows a lot of character when fused together.


The country look
An industrial-style kitchen can be also be a practical choice for any rural home, but you don’t really have to hide all your country heritage. Leave one brick wall exposed and unpainted, do the same with the fireplace (if you have one in your place) and play with other elements such as bar stools, sleek metal fittings, and industrial lights. You’ll be surprised how harmonized it would actually look.


Opt for wood
Fuse some light-coloured timbers in your industrial kitchen along with your high-end stainless appliances, open shelving and other essentials to complete the whole look. Timber planks can really accentuate a soft side to any rugged, industrialized kitchen.


Soft furnishing
In an open-plan space, try integrating industrial elements with soft-coloured furnishings to keep everything in balance. Display faded floral fabric on sofas to help tone down the roughness of the factory-style lightings and other units.

Balance is the ultimate key to everything. So if you’re not ready to go all out on the industrial scheme, try out these ideas instead.