Beautiful Dining Spaces You’ll Want To Have

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After having the same interior for years, have you finally decided to upgrade the look of your dining area? Here are some of the most gorgeous and on-trend arrangements that you could get some inspirations from!


Divide the space
If the space allows, why not divide a large room into both formal and casual dining spaces. This neutral, elegant, and contemporary space is an outstanding example on how to incorporate both areas. Combine a circular dining table with a couple of comfy chairs, and on the other side, place a more laid-back breakfast bar at the central island for a relaxed dining and lounging zone.


Place some bench seating instead
This kitchen area is one perfect example on how you can include a dining table in an open-plan space. A set of six chairs would have crowded up all of the available floor space, but two benches are a great way to make the best out of the seating area. Also, notice how the dining table seems to be floating from the air! Isn’t that a sight to behold?


Cosy dining
This dining area definitely has a cosy Scandinavian vibe thanks to the beautiful combination of cosy sheepskin, colourful flowers, natural wood, and some knitted throw pillows. The built-in bench on one side allows a relaxed seating that could also double up as a second sofa in this open-plan space.


Opt for comfy seating
Breakfast bars don’t always have to be utilized for just the quick bites. If your kitchen island also serves as the eating area, why not make it as comfy as possible by incorporating some upholstered stools and turn your quick meal into an instant occasion. It surely adds a dash of glamour to this already chic kitchen.


Utilize the back of the island
This particular kitchen has a fun, diner vibe because of the seating booth that was skilfully built into the back of the island. Its retro-kind design definitely makes the most of the space and creates a homey eating area in this open-plan room. The pendant lights above the island is also great for task lighting.


Take a pick
This minimalist kitchen was carefully planned and has been given a personal touch with a variety of eclectic dining chairs, bringing life to this simple yet charmingly contemporary space. You can also personalize your place by bringing in some vintage chairs from the flee market, boutique shops or maybe by search online. You can always find some hidden gems in those places.

Create a story with your dining space by utilizing one (or a combination of two) of these gorgeous arrangements! Let us know what you loved most.