Best Hidden Kitchen Ideas To Modernize Your Home

Matt black kitchen worktops - Designer Kitchens

Without a doubt, neatly organized cutlery on open shelves would look great in any kitchen setting, but wouldn’t it be nicer to walk into the room and know that each supplies and units are expertly tucked away on their own individual space?

The ultimate goal is to create a kitchen that does not occupy too much area, all while offering lots of storage for each utensils and appliances. It should also contain all the necessary utilities that any fully-functional kitchens are equipped with; only, they can be concealed when not in need.

Browse through the photos below to uncover some of the best hidden kitchen ideas that will definitely make your home feel and look ultra-modern!


Fabulously Rustic
This design is the perfect blend of modern rustic, where bricks and raw wood meet high-technology.

With only a push of a button, a panel folds open revealing a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen. It is ideal for homes with an open floor plan and modern loft apartments that most young professionals are fund of, as it lets the owner tuck away the whole kitchen unit– resulting in a minimalist look when it is not in use.


Bi-folding Doors
Perfect for a loft or a studio, this stainless steel and lacquer kitchen has bi-folding double doors that functions like a bedroom closet. This design is quick to install and reasonably for a pre-built compact kitchens.

It is a practical choice for young adult students, or anyone who has a rented space that wants to have their very own kitchen, since the workstation has all you need for food prep including a sink, stove, and storage.


Outdoor Mini-Kitchen
Take the party on your patio with this outdoor hidden kitchen. It’s perfect for weekend barbecue, a summer relaxation, and even just a simple lunch with family and friends. This design will definitely look amazing in your backyard area, as well as in your garden or next to your pool.


Ultra Storage Space
A bespoke kitchen with hidden storage space that could easily wow the crowd with its full capacity. This station includes storage for each kind of kitchen essentials, a cutlery draining area, a bottle store, as well as a knife and chopping-board area. It also contains several plug sockets that can be easily moved on the bar by simply twisting and pulling them.


The Hideaway
This particular design was made by Clei, which is very well-known for their smart and ergonomic ideas. Their products are amazingly planned to create space-saving masterpieces like this one. When not in use, the inner kitchen unit ‘disappears’ by closing the large bi-folding door.

One element of this design contains the pantry and a tilting table that, once opened, it joins the top creating a pretty wide surface that can be used as a table. The other element contains induction hob with 2 cookers, a sink, mini-refrigerator, dish washer, microwave and of course, the hood. It is already fully-equipped with electricity and water connections.

Be inspired with these design ideas the next time you want to re-create the whole look of your kitchen!