Best Small Kitchen Solutions

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Don’t get discouraged if you do not have such a bountiful, contemporary kitchen space. There’s still a lot to be said for having almost everything at arm’s reach!

Size does not measure the style of one’s room, and there are practical and clever solutions to make the most out of cramped kitchens. Hobs that could be used as an extra work surface, small-scale appliances, and crafty carpentry can work wonders to make a miniscule kitchen function more efficiently.

Mix some modern rustic
Your kitchen may have small proportions, but be sure not to lack in style.

Instead of a space-consuming extractor fan, have your kitchen fitted with a ventilation system that sucks air through a wall grate. Let this quirky touch blend with your kitchen by placing some modern rustic units to create the perfect vibe.

Maximise vertical space
Exploit every inch of space in your vertically-positioned kitchen by mounting plenty of wall units. Narrow upper units can provide sufficient storage and offer a decorative quality as well.

Get the most out of a corner
Tuck your kitchen away in a corner in order to leave room for an open-plan living space that contains a sofa, dining table, and also a study area. Slab-front units offer supreme storage without elaborate design details that could crowd the space.

The slim line units
Narrow kitchens can be a little tricky to assemble, but lean units can make new layouts possible. Fitting a row of slender cabinets can allow for a wider floor space. Place a worktop that could extend into a window to steal some extra inches.

Renovate a corner
A classic galley layout can really transform a dull space.

Position some warm wooden worktops where there are plenty of window panes, in order for the natural light to stream through and illuminate the entire space. Make it a white-coloured scheme to enhance the fresh and light feel.

Master the art of monochrome
‘Diminutive yet superbly dreamy’ should be your kitchen design goal. Use a fixed and pre-selected palette of black and white to make the space feel clean and organized. Upgrade the style by fitting pale wood units to lend warmth and coziness into the area.

Let these small kitchen solutions inspire you to make the best out of your space!