Brighten Up Your Cooking Space with Colorful Appliances

colourful kitchen

Deviate from the usual white, black, and silver appliances and upgrade your kitchen space with a splash of lively colours instead!

Perfect white spaces may be lovely to look at, but if it seems like your kitchen lacks a bit of life, combining some colourful appliances might be just the thing to jazz up the space. Perhaps you’ve always longed after a retro-style fridge, candy-coloured, or maybe your old kettle and toaster could use some transformation? Though you’ve never considered utilizing a colourful appliance, you’d be surprised at how much difference a wave of colour on a practical item can make. May these exciting ideas inspire you!

Begin with small things
Big changes can be quite a scare, so if you’re hesitant about incorporating colour to bigger appliances; smaller equipments such as toasters and kettles are a fine place to start. Plus, they instantly add coziness to a space.

Go for the soft shades
Look for appliances in pastel colors that supplements liveliness to a kitchen without using bold and strong shades; this gives a mixture of simplicity and beauty. Accessorizing your white kitchen with subtle pastel elements could transform a dull, boring space into a warm, cozy room to relax and entertain guests.

Think shabby chic
For a rustic, country-style kitchen, opt for pastel-coloured fridges for they are eternally popular. Complementing it with mismatched ornate floor tiles, decorated jars, and pastel wood works complete the look to certain perfection.

Furnish it with some passion
Choose a fridge with a bold accent color that could work beautifully in a kitchen with a white backdrop to give it an inviting vibe. In addition, infusing the room with the same accent tone as the fridge keeps the colour scheme consistent and united.

The cherry on top
If you only want a single, large coloured appliance; go for a glossy splash of crimson. You can’t go wrong with red if you just know how to add accessories. Most kitchens would benefit from a country-style kitchen with a range cooker for that rustic feel. A contemporary finish for a space with a glossy main element would be by painting the woodwork and walls in white and grey; these are stylish partners for red.

Tone it down
Consider a subdued alternative if you don’t want to go for the dry, traditional appliances and the big, bright and bold elements for your kitchen. More appealing than white, but with a closer tone to black; dark blue is a clever way to supplement colour to a kitchen.

Fraction of the woodwork
Mount a coloured appliance directly into your kitchen units for utmost structure. Rather than appearing out of place, an oven mounted on the wall would look like a jewel inlaid into the furniture. Matching dining chairs are also a nice touch to make the space feel right at home.

Gather a group
Use a coordinated set of color to add blasts of glow to a monochrome scheme. Purchase appliances such as blender, toaster, and kettle with similar tones making your kitchen space to look modernized and chic.

With a clean, white backdrop, you could surely pull off any pop of color as your main element!