Budget-friendly Kitchen Designs

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Just because designing for a new kitchen can be quite expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish something stunning for much less amount.

An exquisite kitchen is a top priority for most home owners. Fortunately, a highly functional and well-made kitchen scheme does not have to break the bank. There are a lot of design options to choose from out there.


Make use of all corners
No matter how small your kitchen may be; get crafty and maximize every nook and cranny. Let your worktop function as your breakfast bar as well by simply lengthening it’s height a bit and placing tall stools for seating. Also, instead of using a regular wall painting, use chalkboard paint instead so a wall can become an accessible message board, as well as a piece of art.


Keep things classy
A stunningly timeless kitchen need not cost a fortune. Sometimes, it’s the subtle details that transforms it from looking too simple to stylishly chic. Try coating your cupboards with a dark shade of paint and mount some metro tiles for the splashback.

A bucketful of paint and metro tiles are both inexpensive, yet when combined together they’ll create a stylish kitchen that will definitely look striking. You can also place wooden shelves instead of expensive wall cabinets, and install some affordable pendant lights to complete the look.


Opt for an all-white theme
Making your kitchen all-white has huge advantages. It helps to brighten up any space, and it also offers a crisp, clean look to your kitchen. Look for low-cost white units, then level up the look with some white tiling and metal shelving. Keep your counter space as tidy as possible and some greenery to the area to bring some colour and life to your all-white space.


Incorporate some luxury
The compact dimensions of any small kitchen would mean that materials that would usually cost excessively if utilized all over a large space, will then become more affordable when used within a small area. Since you won’t need a lot of it, why not go for a luxurious marble worktop and splashback and simply combine it with some low-priced units, utensils, and kitchen accessories. This will definitely boost the overall vibe of your home.


Re-use and recycle some old things
Consider one of the most affordable design option when you want to achieve a budget-friendly, yet stylish look in your kitchen: the use of recycled materials. This kitchen (as shown above) is actually an old warehouse that was transformed into a beautiful home. Old crates were used as shelves, and the industrial pendant lights are actually authentic. So the truth is, utilizing recycled brick, wood, and even metallic materials can hugely keep your expenses at a minimum while having an exceptionally creative kitchen.

Designing your very own kitchen can be quite tedious and expensive, but with a little research and extreme planning, you can still achieve a kitchen design that’s both stylish and economical.