How to Clean Granite Worktops [Infographic]

How to maintain granite worktops quality

The Dos and Don’ts of Granite Kitchen Worktops

A growing number of homeowners are turning to natural stones to increase their home’s value and aesthetic appeal. This is no surprise since natural stones are a form of investment. And one of the leading natural stone worktop materials is granite.

Not only are granite worktops appealing, but also they are durable and strong. They come in a wide array of colours that easily matches any kitchen theme, from traditional to minimalist to modern kitchen decor.

But like any other form of investment, granite kitchen worktops need to be properly cared for and maintained so that it could last for generations. A regular maintenance plan keeps the granite slabs lustrous and strong as the day they were properly installed in the kitchen.

Although granite is durable substance, certain precautions should still be taken to protect it from chipping or any further damage. The infographic below details the dos and don’ts on how to clean granite worktops. Learn from the infographic to keep your investment in top shape. Little daily habit could spell the difference between a bright and shiny worktop from a dull one.

How to clean granite worktops