Clever Ideas Of Incorporating Small Kitchen Tables

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A lot of home owners wishes to have a huge kitchen, in order to fit in a sizeable table around which family and friends can gather around and enjoy a meal. But the reality is, most of us does not have the means to afford one, so instead we settle on what we currently have.

Remember though, the lack of space does not necessarily have to lack style and function. Creating a dining space within your compact kitchen is entirely possible with these clever solutions! Let these small kitchen table ideas inspire you to transform your space:


Tuck into a corner
Though this kitchen has limited space, it definitely has a lot of storage unit. To fully utilize the area, tuck in a small table with a couple of comfy chairs neatly against the corner. Since the round table is really small, it can easily be moved to make space for more than two people. Keeping the colour palette as minimal as possible allows the space to look light and airy too! Don’t forget to incorporate some fresh plants to bring life into the room.


Utilize an open space
Most of the time, it’s pretty difficult to extend units right up to a wall that connects to a massive door. So instead of completely closing it up, why don’t you utilize the space by mounting a small kitchen table that could also function as an island. Since it’s by the window, it allows natural light to flow throughout the room.


Slot in a circular table
Although this kitchen is narrow, it has enough space to fit in a simple circular table. This mini dining area does not obscure any access to the cupboards, which is our ultimate goal. Make sure that your chairs are comfy enough so you won’t feel cramped up when eating a meal. Using a circular table, literally helps when you have a small kitchen area as it provides space for four people to sit within a compact footprint.


The little nook
This space-saver idea is truly perfect when you have a kitchen space as compact as this. By opting for a wall-mounted unit, you can definitely save a lot of room since no table legs are required. You can easily tuck in the stools underneath the wall-mounted unit to make space when preparing food.


Make use of a windowsill
This may not be the usual place to mount a mini table, but it’s definitely a cosy space that adds interest into the room. It’s also a practical area to enjoy your daily tea and toast (or your morning coffee fix). The outside view also boosts up the style of this mini dining area, don’t you think? If applicable, place some plants along the window to add some colour.

Spice up your small space with these smart solutions! Let us know what you think.