Clever Ways to Incorporate Mirrors in Your Kitchen

Black high gloss kitchen

Kitchen designs have celebrated sleek and shiny surfaces for many years, whether it’s through a gleaming speck in a worktop, or the metallic glow of chrome appliances and striking stainless steel. Latest ventures into utilizing other metals, such as gold and copper for light fittings and taps have strengthened our desire for shiny objects in a fundamentally functional room.

Now we’re going to explore the possible uses of the best reflector of them all: mirrored glass.

Easily extend your kitchen area
Do you have a tiny kitchen, or perhaps a long, thin design with no other option to build out? Take a practical approach by adding a mirrored wall. Doing so can create an illusion that the room has been doubled in size, making it feel more luxurious. It also allow light to flood all throughout the area.

Nowadays, purchasing mirrors to your precise size requirements is already doable, and a lot of manufacturers provide measuring tips, professional advice, and even an installation service.


Integrate stunning textures
Splashbacks have given us a chance to enhance the overall look of our kitchen schemes. From the tough industrial textures of stainless steel, up to the lively flair of colourful tiles, incorporating mirrors can never go wrong.

Mirrors that have been strengthened are now attesting to be a great splashback choice for some homeowners, as they bring brightness and style to the room. You could also go for an antique mirror surface, because it’s more tolerant on cooking splashes and produces some gorgeous reflective outlines.


Include the lights above
Mirror-filled light fittings can also add a melodramatic layer to any kitchen scheme. Chandeliers with shining metals and crystals set the light dancing around the whole room.

For a more astounding effect, take inspiration in this bespoke lighting made from slanting squares of mirror and scattered light bulbs. Together with the bold Moroccan floor and wall tiles, the extra reflections from above really boosts up the mood.


The furniture glamour
Kitchen cabinets certainly need to be practical as well as extremely sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they should look dull and boring. Incorporating mirrors to your cabinet doors can revitalize the total look of the room, taking the cabinet design out of the ordinary and into the category of stunning bespoke pieces.


Do some necessary tricks
You can be the master of illusion and play with mirrors in your own kitchen design. In this kitchen space, the eye is tricked into seeing more space because of the reflection of the garden. With the large mirrors, people would really need to look twice to make sure if it’s a window or just a mere reflection.

Use some of these clever and ingenious hacks on how to incorporate mirrors in your kitchen!