Clever Ways to Stack Your Spices and Herbs

You’re ready to cook a lovely meal, but you can’t seem to find what you need in your disorganized spice cabinet. It’s frustratingly untidy and soon enough, your garlic has already burnt while you search for other ingredients. You frequently finish off duplicating herbs which can be a total waste of supplies.

Organize your spices and herbs with these easy tips to stack your collection into shape!

Let it dangle
A good way to utilize an unused under-cabinet space is to turn it into a storage space for all your favourite spices. There are tools you can fasten underneath your cupboards, or you can even make your own by attaching the spice jar lids to the surface!

Grow some greens
If you love to grown you own fresh herbs but have neither the space on your worktop or a garden to keep them, display them in mini pots on your wall frame instead. This crafty project can make a great centerpiece in a simple kitchen.

Narrow shelves
We all have to work with the space we’ve got especially when working on a cramped space, so why not put some shallow spice rack inside a cupboard door? Just ensure that it won’t block the door from closing.

Don’t forget the sides
Utilize an unused surface in your kitchen as a clever side cabinet and use it to store some herbs and spices. Build some into a mantel over your range cooker for easy reach. Add a smart door to keep it sleek, as well.

Make some plans
Restyling your kitchen any time soon? Remember to include some clever storage space for your favourite spices and dried herbs. Make a hidden storage unit behind your splashback; maybe something that slides away to reveal tidily arranged seasonings when opened? Be creative with your designs.

Hang it up
Fitting some hooks underneath your kitchen shelf lets you suspend a spice holder for stress-free access while cooking. It’s both practical and clever.

Match it
One of the most laid-back ways to improve the aesthetics of a messy spice cupboard is to pick a specific brand you like and stick with it. That way, your cupboard will look a lot more organized!

If you don’t have enough space to store your herbs and spices collection, why not make your storage space multi-functional? By making the most out of every inches of space, your drawer could have room for a spice collection, cutlery, and a stack of wooden spoons.

There should be enough storage space for your favourite seasonings; but that does not mean exploiting your budget just so you could buy the expensive stuff. A little creativity and practicality is all you need.