Contemporary Dark Coloured Kitchens

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It is a known fact that installing a kitchen with a deep, dark finish takes quite a commitment; more so than a classic, all-white design that you can easily repaint afterwards or glam it up with colourful accessories.

However, there are numerous ways to embrace the dark kitchen theme if you’re still a little hesitant to go all-out. So if you’re ready to welcome this trendy palette with open arms, take a look at these design options that shows how you can effectively work this colour scheme in a lot of ways!


Dark Blues
If you don’t want your kitchen to feel too cold, try this dark blue instead of the more usual black or grey. This luscious hue especially when combined with sleek white cutlery and warm wood gives the kitchen a sense of balance. The thing to remember when going for a darker shade kitchen is that, you have to balance every tone in the room so it wouldn’t look gloomy. It’s a bit difficult at first but you’ll surely get that hang of it.


Colour It Halfway Through
If incorporating dark cabinets are way too bold for you, or if it’s not included in your budget right now, simply update your kitchen by painting one wall with contrasting hues, like this one.

Don’t forget to mix in some accessories, and try not to clutter things up by keeping them minimal. Again, the warm colour of rich wood helps to break up the scheme. Add some huge glass bottles, mismatched benches, and some foliage to complete the entire look.


Dare To Go Matte Black
The usual way to integrate dark-toned cabinets and kitchen units is to paint the base in a deep shade, whilst keeping the upper portion light and neat so the room would feel balanced and grounded. However, this matte black sink area demonstrates just how beautiful all-black units would look like, especially when fused with earth-coloured accessories, fresh plants, and herbs.


Make it sophisticated
Balance out the dark tones of your modern kitchen and make it more glamorous by adding in lots of warm metals, like the dangling lamps and towering stools of this room. Go light with your worktop as well as with your kitchen island to achieve a modern chic look.


Upgrade Your Galley
Some home owners may think that dark hues can only work in a large, open-plan room, but this sleek kitchen galley is one of the many examples that proves it wrong. So long as there’s plenty of light circulating the area, the effect can be anything but gloomy.

Creating a kitchen packed with dark colours may seem odd and difficult to pull off for some, but these design ideas really make it look simpler. Try out these tips so you too, could transform your kitchen into one glorious space!