Cozy Up Your Kitchen Space with Fireplace

Blazing fire is a great way to warm the centre of your home for family and friends to delight in.

As the core of your home, much time is spent in the kitchen, so why not put up a fireplace in there, too?

Be it an old-fashioned fireplace or a contemporary fitting; check out these ingenious ways to include one into your kitchen!

Keep it traditional
An old-fashioned fireplace is an impeccable additional to a Shaker-style scheme. You don’t need anything extravagant and expensive to make a cozy space; a simple fireplace surrounding log burners would do the trick.

Create a centre-piece
Go for an authentic statement piece to add glamour to your kitchen, and it will instantly turn into a gathering space for your family and friends.

A wood-scorching stove enclosed in a large post of textured bricks would definitely stand out in a monochrome kitchen, even when the burner isn’t ignited.

Blend with the architectural design
You can generate a visual harmony by placing a fireplace that blends well with the architectural backdrop of your space.

If you have a rectangular shaped kitchen, a narrow fireplace would mirror the design of your space quite well.

Room divider
You can pick out something extravagant with the endless options for fireplaces these days.

A fabulous firepit-style would be perfect if you have an open-plan scheme; plus, it could act as a great room divider as well.

Make a cozy nook
With kitchens being a common gathering space, why not make yours even more comfy by placing some fluffy cushions next to the fireplace?

A fireplace can be a perfect way to make any space feel extra relaxing.

Combine with cabinets
Do something a little bit diverse and place a firepit in the very heart of your kitchen space. You can merge it in with your worktop and cupboards for a modernized kitchen effect.

Retro and contemporary
An old-fashioned fireplace in a modern kitchen area can be a perfect way to bind both eras in one place. Ornate fireplace can provide seamless contrast with vintage units.

Decorative value
Though your old-fashioned fireplace isn’t really functional, it can still improve the over-all style of your space.

Go for some antique textured tiles to bring character and colour into your kitchen-diner.

Warm up your kitchen lounge by trying out these fabulous ways to integrate a fireplace into your own space.