How To Create a Clutter-free Modern Kitchen

Close up of a glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

Have you always wanted a sleek and minimalist kitchen where everything is neatly concealed and there’s always enough space?

Through the years of continuous kitchen design upgrades, creating minimal looking schemes have been effortlessly possible. It’s a style often popular for open-plan spaces, wherein an uncluttered kitchen won’t dominate the entire area.

Here are some exciting ideas on how to create an aesthetically beautiful and functional kitchen:


Go for a simple colour scheme
Another easy way to achieve a minimal kitchen is to maintain a simple colour palette. This might consist of just neutral colours, as seen on the image above. If you choose this colour scheme, be sure to include some texture or other materials with a slight variation of tone to prevent the kitchen from looking dull and monotonous.


Keeping it clean
Unnecessary details and neat lines are key to achieving a minimalist look in your kitchen. Slimline worktops, handle-less doors and under-mounted sinks are the perfect example of this. The lack of handles actually creates a smooth, continuous flow of cabinetry, and is also a great choice for smaller kitchens as it makes the room look bigger and no risk of catching clothing as you do your work.


Incorporate an induction hob
Induction hobs can really be a practical choice especially if you need extra workspace. If you choose a bevelled-edge or flush-mounted design, you can then achieve a streamlined fit against your kitchen worktop; which means you can use this as additional working space when it’s not in use.

One important thing to watch out for with hobs is that they can get scratched. So while you’re not using it, be sure to lay a worktop protector, a placemat or even a chopping board over it.


Make it multi-functional
Opt for appliances that do more than just one task. For instance, you can rid of the need for a microwave by choosing a combination microwave oven. Like your typical microwave, this can quickly heat or defrost food,yet it can also grill, cook, roast and bake as well! Also, a modern 3-in-1 tap like the image shown above is able to dispense boiling, as well as warm and cold water, so there’s no need for you to use a kettle. Definitely perfect for any contemporary kitchen.


All out tidiness
It is true that open shelving and glass-fronted cabinets may look lovely in most kitchens, but if streamlined, uncluttered minimalism is your goal then it is best to avoid them. Chances are they’ll just attract unwanted clutter in your kitchen area.

Closed units maximise storage, since you don’t have to arrange everything neatly inside (they’re tucked away for a reason). Besides, these units could really minimise clutter on worktops, as you can simply shove everything into them when not in use.

Which of these designs would you prefer? Share some of your ideas to us as we’d love to hear it as well!