Create The Perfect Kitchen With These Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances should not only serve their purpose but also make your kitchen look like it’s taken from a picture in a magazine. Your choice of an oven, hob and extractor will create that beautiful room where most great memories with family come from.

When choosing the right appliances, search for those with an A+ or A+++ ratings which are mostly common these days. Such rating will also determine the quality and efficiency of the appliance plus you will be able to know how much you can save on your energy bills. When you visit a retail store, ask a sales agent to demonstrate for an appliance you want to buy since they can explain to you what the product is about and its specifications.

Here are some of the most common appliance you would need to create that perfect kitchen:


With so many innovations in ovens available in the market, you will have all the choices to choose from. One of the bestselling models has induction tops. You can also choose whether you want it built in or free standing. It has sizes that will let you fit in any kitchen size. Most ovens can be teamed with gas and electric but also can be either. There are also fun features you may want such as memory functions, time settings and temperature. But never forget to consider how often your oven will be used and make sure to match your oven to how your family will be using it or how you love cooking.

If you have a large kitchen and you love to roast, check range cookers that come in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm widths. If your kitchen is small, though, choose compact slot-in cookers since these are more convenient. For serious fan cooks who want to enjoy their time with family while cooking, they can choose a built-in oven to their liking which can be installed at eye level or below the worktop.


This appliance wonder has made the kitchen child-friendly because instead of heating the hob, heat is concentrated beneath the surface. Not all pans are created equal so use a magnet to check if your pans are suitable. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan, then it’s okay to use.  If you prefer using gas in your kitchen, you can just use glass that also makes any kitchen sleek and classy.

If you want an open-plan kitchen, you can choose a domino hob that will allow you to mix and match fuels. You will be able to customize your cooktop with gas, ceramic and induction. There are also deep fryers, steamers, wok hobs and lava stone grills to choose from.


Taking the heat out of the kitchen may not always be necessary, but is essential to ensure you do what you have to do in the kitchen without having to feel uneasy. Just remember to get one that is not so noisy it will drown any good conversation you may be having. Check out the decibel rating for your extractor. To find the right extractor size for your kitchen, measure the extraction rate of your kitchen. To get the volume of your kitchen multiply the length by width by length by ten.

Downdraft extractors are the latest trend located behind the hob that rises from the worktop if needed. Another trend these days is the ceiling mounted extractor for contemporary styles.


If you think that dishwashers use more water, you will be suprised to know that in fact the latest models feature water saving conservation which makes them more appealing. There are full sized models that have 13 place settings fit for any size kitchen including models of 45 centimeters in width although there is 60 cm model that has only 9 nine place settings.

You can choose in black, white and even stainless steel colored dishwashers that can be hidden in cabinet doors that only shows the control panel. Dishwashers can be completely concealed behind great seamless finish designs.


If you want your kitchen to be versatile, having a microwave will do the trick. A 45 cm high built in microwave can be installed instead of a traditional 60 cm. microwave. There are other appliances that can be picked, too such as  steam ovens, coffee machines or even wine coolers.

You can enjoy cooking more if you have a microwave that can bake, grill and roast. On the other hand, you can prepare your food in a steam oven from fish, vegetables to cakes and puddings. Your guests will love that you prepare healthy food for them.

Fridge freezers

One of the most favorite appliances most visited in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It is where we store our food so it needs to be reliable. You can choose a two door fridge freezer or an American style side by side model. A three-door French style also features a double door fridge on top with pull out freezer drawers.

Check out your fridge energy efficiency. You will want the A+++ for your fridge freezer since it is on every day. Keeping your food safe should be the top priority. The proper humidity control will keep your meat, fish and dairy fresher up to three times. A safe temperature will prevent bacteria from growing inside your fridge. You will also love having an ice dispenser at your convenience.

There are other appliances you will want for your kitchen and being informed about them will make your life easier as you enjoy doing wonderful things in your kitchen.

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