Create Value To Your Kitchen By Building A Kitchen Extension

Who hasn’t dream of having a big, beautiful kitchen? Don’t worry if your kitchen isn’t that big yet, there is a lot of time for you to read and consider factors that can have a big effect on your decision making when you want your kitchen to have the much-needed extension.

Fall of the wall.

Consider opening a room connecting the kitchen. In most cases, it is the living room. You may want to consult a professional if you like this to ensure that your ceiling can stand without a wall. But the idea of modern living with a bigger kitchen is really great.

If you want to add support you can have a rolled steel joist installed although this can add cost to your budget and it will involve more work.

Easy in out

Make use of the extra space in your backyard. Having a perfect kitchen means that you have all the space you really want. You can replace your wall with glass panels and have the outside as part of your kitchen. Or folding doors can also create a larger kitchen when open. Floor boards are perfect for your extension.

The alfresco feature of your kitchen extension can upgrade your home value. And no matter how much you want to make a seemingly separate room by building a different to the main house, stick to the style of the building.

Ask permission

Not all areas have the same by-laws when it comes to what is acceptable or not. You may want to find out what the local planning office has to say about the matter. If the design you have for your kitchen extension is similar to the main house, the local planning officer may go for your favour.

Local planning officers would rather give you the permit you need but it will be easier for them to deal with you if you make it easier for them as well. Avoid building something extravagant more than it should be. Opt for a kitchen extension that is simple and uncomplicated.


What’s in store for you?

If you choose to have your kitchen extended, the possibilities are endless. You can create a whole new kitchen. You can decide where your sink can be, the lighting, the sockets and others. You can have a blast with your ideas. Of course, all this will depend on how much budget you have for your dream kitchen extension.

With a new kitchen extension, you can do what you want with your kitchen. It would be wise, though if you can list down what you have in mind and talk it over with your contractor before you make any final decision. But if your ideas are practical, you’ll probably have what you want and enjoy having a beautiful kitchen extension.

Be practical

Do you really need a kitchen extension? Do you have the space for it? if you have set yourself for a kitchen extension, be practical about it. Write down two lists. First list should have all that you need for the construction. And on the second list you can list down other perks you want added to your kitchen. Both list should have your realistic budget. Try not to go over your budget. If you are tearing walls apart or extending your walls, do not forget to see what available utilities you already have – your plumbing, electricity and of course your gas connections. This will have an effect to your expenditures if you have to have them all moved in another location.

Remember that you are looking to make a great change for your kitchen so at the end of the day, your goal is to create a design that will make your kitchen a wonderful place you can enjoy your day and relax.

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