Creative Ways to Have an Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs can be at hand day by day with these effortless ways of storing and planting ideas!

Growing your own herbs at home, at your very own kitchen is the simplest way to resolve an ingredient deficit which saves money as well.

Don’t settle for just a plastic pot; instead, be resourceful and imaginative with your indoor herb patch with these clever designs.

Let fresh herbs sprout up by making some bespoke channel carved out of your kitchen island. This is a stylish and daring way to store up fresh herbs and can turn an average ingredient into an astonishing display.

Hang herbs up
Half functional, half fancy; an herb wall panel not only guarantees fresh basil and mint but also adds a dash of lush green to any kitchen as well. It’s like having an exhibit of living artwork.

Decorate an empty space
An array of rustic boxes hanging on an unused and plain wall can give an edge to any kitchen. Old boxes bursting with herbs would look great, especially when mixed with other decorative items to maximize storage and style.

Vertically arranged
Transfer your herb patches to your kitchen walls by putting up wall-mounted panels so that each variety would have its place. The next time you want to add another herb on your collection, you could merely plant up an extra jar and label the name to know which is which.

Anything can be utilized
Herbs should not be limited only in the garden or the kitchen. Make your thyme and rosemary an ornamental element by growing them in a rustic bench, and showing them off on the entrance for every person to notice.

Line them up
A perfectly arranged potted herbs is perfect for a tiny kitchen place. It could also add a dash of lively colour to an all-white kitchen scheme!

Herbs can definitely supply scent, colour, and texture to any space. Give your home a treat by supplementing some lush greens to simultaneously use in food preparation and display!