Creative Ways to Use Florals in Your Kitchen

If you have some floral printed bedding, sprawling flower wallpaper on your living room and even flowery accessories in the bathroom, why not take over and allow flower power to reach the kitchen, too?

Boost up a splashback
Mix florals with a fresh backdrop and the effects would be outstanding without being overwhelming.

Try cutting out and laminate a piece of flowery fabric to create a bespoke splashback. The result would definitely burst a rather a cold kitchen with a dash of character.

Think outside the box
If you want to put up floral curtains in your kitchen, then go ahead and do it so long as it compliments other elements in the room. Give your kitchen space a spring-like vibe by draping full-length flowery curtains with colour-packed patterns.

Choose light, cottony curtains that can be cleaned up with a quick wash as well.

Create murals
Huge murals are hot interior designs at of the moment. These marvelous decorations should not be limited for the living room only, instead, let the big patterns and prints spread out over the kitchen as well.

Two-toned floral artworks also give a classy hint of flower power too, and it would look entirely at home with clean, white units.

White out
Focus on texture rather than colour when choosing kitchen florals, when you would rather stick with white floral designs. Sleek and modern white kitchens tend to have a softer edge by displaying some massive bowls of papery hydrangeas on the counter. It goes to show that you don’t always require vivid colours to make an immense impact.

Cover it up with cloth
Sometimes, it only takes a colourful tablecloth to show some florals into your kitchen. If you have a minimalist matt schemed kitchen which presents a neutral and dull backdrop, put up a colourful tablecloth with floral design to make a striking impact.

Rainbows are fun
You don’t have to settle for anything permanent or expensive to achieve the floral trend in the kitchen. A rainbow-coloured display of melamine tumblers in florals and plains can instantly create a stunning piece of art on your wall, and that’s absolutely practical, too.

Floral plates
A classic trick for displaying florals into the kitchen is supremely simple. Assemble a pile of vintage floral plates (it doesn’t matter if it’s cracked or chipped) and hang them on a wall for a simple yet magnificent display of floral elements.

Floral designs should not be complicated to incorporate in your kitchen designs by applying these awesome tips in your space!