Decorating Ideas for Colourful and Creative Kitchens

Colourful kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Surround your home with a heart-warming palette!

When it comes to planning a new kitchen or redecorating an old one, the sheer number of finishes and colours available can make it seem like a difficult task.

Kitchen décor has been turned into a form of art over the past decade, and the only limiting factor is your ideas and imagination.

Take your colour cue from these imaginative kitchen ideas and see which scheme works best for you.

Luscious red
Passionate chefs will get all excited and fired up when confronted with a spectacular white urban kitchen with a dash of luscious red appliance, lighting, and even a countertop finish.

Choose cool cobalt
A highly saturated cobalt blue cupboards could offer a colour lift in your cozy and modernized kitchen space.

Dare to try two-tone
Combine a dark neutral hue with a primary bright for a fun and cool kitchen scheme that’s super refreshing, lively, and contemporary.

Pick shades that stand out
Put up some striking Moroccan tiles in cool tones with harmonizing paintwork. It could definitely be show stealer against a neutral backdrop of any rustic kitchen scheme filled with attractive travel mementos.

Be bold with multi-colour
Immaculate, neutral cabinets can allow you to be a bit playful on the walls. Plan your kitchen scheme ahead if you want to combine contrasting tones. Just remember to be extra careful with the kitchen accessories you put up; you certainly don’t want to overdo the whole look of the space.

Get clever with colour-blocking
A three-colour scheme utilizing complementary shades of grey, teal, and black. Be sure to keep each one in its own individual area for a neat and organized feel.

Neutral tones
Rich wooden finishes and calming mocha tones make for a classy kitchen space with an earthy and contemporary appeal. Combine neutral tones to achieve a peaceful and serene look on your kitchen.

Gorgeous greys
Mix a matt black with a heavy dose of dove greys for a striking colour scheme that effortlessly unites traditional and contemporary elements.

Create more of the regal monochrome
Any simple Shaker-style cupboards and cabinets could instantly transform when painted over with a strong black colour, and some white accents. It’s a classic colour combination that could never go wrong with any kitchen interior.

Don’t let your space be dull and boring. Spice it up with these colour combinations that will surely brighten up the place!