DIY Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Upgrade

Glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

Truth be told, kitchen upgrades can really be expensive, which is why a lot of design lovers opt for DIY projects when it comes to home décors and improvement.

If hiring a contractor for an all-out kitchen revamp is not in your budget, don’t worry because we got lots of DIY ideas for you to play with. From backsplash projects to simple makeover of your kitchen cabinets, the possibilities are endless. Browse through for a collection of DIY kitchen upgrades that proves function and style can definitely go hand in hand.


Makeover for your counter
Your kitchen worktops can set the bar for your entire culinary area. However, if your budget doesn’t allow a total makeover, then do a partial one. Concrete creates a modern, neutral finish and it can also be directly applied to your current worktop to give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank.


The backsplash solution
Sometimes a little bit of paint is all it takes to completely transform your space. This stunning teal colour not only adds a unique, classic style to your kitchen, it’s affordable too! Top it off with a metallic faucet for that chic and contrasting look.


Fake it ’til you make it
Here’s a thought: would you ever want to paint your own kitchen counters? Sounds terrifying right? Even so, this faux marble painted worktop is the perfect example of a seamless DIY project that could save you lots and lots of money instead of actually buying a marble slab. It only takes patience and practice to do the job right.


Upgrade those cabinets
When you’re on a tight budget and your kitchen cabinets are just looking drab and less than desirable, the best way to carry on a stylish upgrade is to simply paint them with a fresh coat of light-toned colour. Also, be sure to protect your worktops before painting your cabinets.


Change out the knobs
Opting to upgrade even one element in your kitchen can make a huge difference, especially when you know how to prioritize. Why not try to boost the style of your knobs and drawer handles for a subtle yet creative look? You can never go wrong with this technique.


Attention to details
Even a simple upgrade such as a hanging pot rack or a wall grid can certainly add style and function to your kitchen by freeing up cabinet and counter space.

Research, creativity, and practice is essential when doing a DIY project. Be inspired with these ideas for your next kitchen revamp!