DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen Area

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Make some time to roll up your sleeves and get really creative in your kitchen interior!

Home owners can do a whole lot of DIY projects from scratch without having to buy massive amount of materials. After all, the whole point of DIY project is to save you money. However, you must really invest time and patience in order to properly fulfill these things. Because of its simplicity, these DIY additions can easily be incorporated in your space, so let these DIY ideas inspire your next kitchen upgrade!


Replace the handles
Let go of your old cabinet handles and replace with something more striking. Installing some DIY leather handles on your kitchen cabinets is a definite boost of style and character. It is also an easier choice than metal, glass, or porcelain fittings.


Jars with labels
Instead of storing huge stacks of ingredients in bags, why not transfer them into mason jars to make things even more organized. After that, work on placing individual labels on each jars so you could find things a lot easier.


Wooden hook storage
All you need is a wooden wall shelf unit and some screw-in cup hooks, in order to make the most out of your wall area. A quick trip to the hardware shop and a slight labour later, you’ll then have a proper place to store all your favourite mugs and every else in between.


The herb garden
Integrating fresh plants and ingredients into your life can do lots of great thing. You can accomplish this DIY by placing your favourite herbs in simple wooden planters. You can even stamp the names of each plant to keep them properly labelled and avoid confusion.


Re-use some crates
Vintage crates are an absolute blessing, for they can be recycled into all sorts of practical storage. Try using them to hold your utensils, cutlery, even some mugs and other pieces of accessories to further upgrade the look of the room.


Boost up the paint
For a stunning transformation that won’t break your budget, go purchase some paint in the colour you want, and revamp those cabinets of yours! Remember to remove all the handles and the contents of each cabinets before you start painting. This definitely gives your kitchen a modern look.

Go grab a few crafty materials and experiment these DIY ideas to give your space a bit of an upgrade!