Dreamy Kitchen Designs Worth Trying Out

Matt black kitchen worktops - Designer Kitchens

The living room may be the social space for many homes, but a lot of people tend to spend a whole lot of time in their kitchens. That makes it really important to have an area that works best for you and your family.

Listed below are some of the dreamy kitchen designs we’ve compiled to help you create the perfect kitchen that you’ve always wanted!


Integrate Art
Fuse the art of traditional architecture and ornament painting in your own space. To keep things balanced out, remember to keep your kitchen units and appliances neutral coloured so it wouldn’t steal the attention. You could also place some fresh plants, creating a cosy room with bit of a theatrical feel.


Reclaimed Treasures
A lot of home owners wants to revamp their kitchen, the only problem is, the costs could remarkably break their bank. Now here’s the ultimate solution for that: utilize some of your old things and transform them into something more useful, just like what the owners of this farmhouse kitchen did!

You can definitely save a lot of money by making your very own dining set from reclaimed woods. Just add some modern pieces to upgrade the look even more. It’s the perfect rustic look as well!


The Space-saver
When you have to choose between getting a dining set or a kitchen island; consider buying one sturdy island instead for it can function as both dining area and a worktop. It does not only allow you to save tons of money, but it also saves up a lot space in your kitchen. Position your kitchen space near the door where there’s enough natural light to flood the area, giving your home a light and airy feel.


Best of Both Worlds
This wooden kitchen with stainless steel fridge, sleek stove, flawless white Corian island, and dangling industrial lights gives this room a fusion of chic country and contemporary technology. Combining simple materials with high-end appliances really gives the best of both worlds, as it lets you save your budge while making your space a whole lot cosier.


Small and Incredible
Not all of us can afford to buy or rent out a huge house with an equally huge kitchen area. Truth is, most people settle for a practical space with a remarkably tiny kitchen.

This may be the case, but that small space can still be elegantly sleek and contemporary. Just place some handle-free units with sleek worktops to save space, and mount a mirror glass for the splashback in order to create an illusion of a wider area.

Experiment on these ideas the next time you want to create or revamp your space!