Easy Tips on How To Achieve A Spacious Worktop

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The most important purpose of your worktop is to provide enough space to prepare food, but quite honestly, they tend to become untidy and cluttered with a bunch of random items.

By creating your own alternative storage or by freeing up some space in a cupboard, you too can definitely organize your kitchen worktops! Here are some tips on how you can get rid of the most common worktop clutter:


Stack them up
Storage jars will always be a popular choice in any kitchen, for they can store most of your essential items pretty neatly. However, these jars can easily take over the worktop and use up plenty of space. One solution for this is problem is by mounting up some open shelves. Just position them on top of another to create a well-organized wall of the ingredients you need.


Hang them altogether
Chopping boards, cloths, and large kitchen utensils tend to occupy a lot of space when you try and put them on the worktop so try hanging them with simple hooks instead. Be sure to install something that would be large enough to hold them all. Fit the hooks proportionally into the wall, and try to display neutral coloured items for an added minimalist look.


Display the sharps
Knife blocks can really be quite tricky to place because of it’s bulkiness, especially when you have plenty of sharps (you’ll probably need to get the huge one in order to fit all your knives).

One great hack for this dilemma is to try using the magnetic strips to neatly store your knives on the wall. Simple magnetic strips like this one is a practical and stylish way to keeping the blades off the worktop.


Stylish ingredient rack
Here’s another way to store your fruits, vegetables, and other cooking ingredients.

Though we’re used to keeping most of these things inside a kitchen cupboard, stacking them on a separate rack can also be a practical thing to do. Be sure to properly attach and secure the fruit baskets to keep them neatly and safely organized.


The elevated space
Ceramics and other everyday kitchen utensils can also look stunning when you exhibit them artistically. These can give so much personality in any kitchen setting may it be traditional or contemporary. To do this, just install a single shelf to put them on display. Everyday kitchen items can really be messy when not organized appropriately.

Utilize these simple tips to free up lots of space in your kitchen worktops!