Efficient Micro Kitchens for Small Spaces

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Small open-plan flats demands for space-savvy solutions and neat kitchen design tricks to house everything you need in one compact area.

Truth be told, most of us would prefer to live in a house with a lot of space to stash all our belongings. Although the reality is, with decent property in such high demand, many of us just settle for residing in smaller apartments that requires effort to figure out how to fit all our stuff in.

Thankfully, today’s ground-breaking interiors see to it that creating an appealing and practical apartment is achievable. It could even house a fully-efficient kitchen area for you to cook and dine into! Here’s how it works:


Tucked away Kitchen
Fit in unobtrusive storage space by making a single-wall hidden kitchen that disappears behind bi-folding doors. Chic stainless appliances are also integrated, as well as a mirrored splashback to create the illusion of depth, making the space look bigger and lighter.


Slim and compact
This studio kitchen may be tiny, but it’s still big on design and style. Shop around for small yet efficient appliances that will grant you added convenience without taking up too much space. Those on a strict budget should remember to keep the design as simple as possible; slim-lined cabinets and stainless-steel finishes should do the trick.


Go big on design
Flat owners need not forego the delight of decorating their tiny space. Truth is, the less space you have, the fewer materials are needed to fulfil your design, which means you might be able to afford costly materials as you will only need a small amount of them. Go for timeless combination such as this classic black and white scheme to keep the space look uniformed.


Divide and conquer
If your apartment has a bit of an awkward design, or if does not have interior divisions, then you may really feel limited by the current layout. Even so, with a few custom tweaks, your kitchen area can work and look wonderfully just like this dark and lustrous space. Mounting a wall between spaces creates a whole new section, as well as some extra needed space.


Don’t get intimidated by the lack of space
Combine aesthetics and efficiency by planning out a place for everything in your small kitchen. This studio flat presents an expertly organized kitchen space that includes a prep area, drawers, extractor fan, induction hob, a tiny sink, and lots of storage space.

The ultimate motto when planning compact areas is to “work with what you have”. Use your imagination and integrate pieces that would work efficiently even with limited space!