Elegant Ways to Create a Grey Scheme

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Sales of grey kitchens are greatly increasing these days. Grey is such a magnificently adaptable colour that blends to so many diverse designs particularly in the kitchen.

It’s all about how you mix each elements of your design, from the tiles, units, worktops, splashbacks and down to the small details, such as shelving, handles, and kitchen accessories. .

Industrial look
If you’re a fan of industrial style then grey units are ideal for you. Mix it then with some distressed wood, white metro tiles and handles with 1950s vibe. You may also choose some factory-style pendant lightings to complete the whole look.

Choose two hues
Use two tones of grey to add an assortment of colour. Paint the darker shade on minor units, such as on the island cabinets where it won’t come out too strong.

Grey accents
If you have an open-plan kitchen, then grey accents can be the better option to apply throughout both spaces. A grey worktops, sofa, and pendant lights combined with a soft light colour of your choice can make your space as a consistent whole.

Glass-framed cabinets
Dark grey would definitely be the best choice for glass-fronted cabinets, for they will show off your favourite kitchen accessories. Putting tiles inside the units could add another element, but you could also use wallpaper or paint instead.

Mix it with red
Grey and red are a guaranteed combination. Choose one relatively huge red item; it could be a painted dresser, a retro style fridge, or perhaps a range cooker for maximum display of the luscious colour.

Opt for a modern vibe
If you want to go for more sleek and modern-schemed kitchen, pick darker glossy units in charcoal, anthracite, or slate grey. Opt for handle-less units for an even more contemporary style. Adding a designed glass splashback will bring a dash of vibrant colour to twist things up a bit.

Combine grey with white
If you’re concerned about the dark hue consuming the whole look of your kitchen; opt for a combination of white and grey units instead. Utilize the proficiency of kitchen designers to illustrate how diverse arrangements would still work together in your space through a 3D CAD design until you decide on the accurate balance of both hues.

Dark-themed kitchens can be pleasing to the eyes just as well as a classic white scheme. Experiment on these tips and show the world that dark hues can also be traditional.