Elegant Ways to Design Kitchen Open Shelving

Open plan kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Organize your open shelves for a kitchen that looks tastily alluring. Truth be told, bringing together recipe ingredients, pots, pans, and essential cutlery on structured open shelving keeps them pretty handy.

Planning what you put on your shelves and hiding the less-used utensils in kitchen cupboards can turn it into an instant display of art, as well as useful storage.


The library of recipes
Books can also be placed in kitchen shelves. While most people keep their books in the living room, recipe books however, are meant to be placed in the kitchen.


All-white plan
A timeless failsafe design is by merging items of one colour, for it generates a cohesive look. China wares of different shapes and sizes could be fused together to make a chic display of majestic white.


Practicality is the key
When thoughtfully organized, even the most practical kitchen utensils can look fascinating. Just remember to place each item with sufficient space in between rather than a messy chaos to make an attractive scene.


Display your goods
Dried goods placed in clear glass jars could look really eye-catching. Look for inexpensive glass jars and place labels on each one of them with the corresponding expiration date, before placing them on your shelves for everyone to look at.


Classic monochrome
A classic design of black and white can make your shelves look of tidy and in order. This mostly means you could build a more cluttered display, which would still look pleasant.


Earth tones
A collection of lovely ceramics and pottery would look gorgeous when placed on open shelves. Chunky pieces can be set side by side, while smaller dishes can be piled in. Now you have the perfect place to display those random travel buys.


Keep things tidy
A well-ordered arrangement of cutlery creates a feeling of balance in any  kitchen,and it also make it look more contemporary. Dark painted wall behind the shelves can also help the glassware and other pieces to stand out, which will then produce an even better sense of the consistency.

Open shelves allows you to bring subtle details and colours to your space by displaying your favourite pieces.