Exciting Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Kitchen

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Create a visual spread in your kitchen space by mounting some art, or making it from pieces you already have.

The kitchen is an ideal place to show off artworks made by your favourite artists, or even just from the items you use every day!

The little things
A little piece of art in the perfect angle can make as much of a statement as a massive one, especially when you’re working with a tiny kitchen space.

If you have a petite artwork you love, place it into an oversized frame to give it a larger presence on your wall.

Casual Art
A casual leaning framed artwork against one side of a wall offers an intimacy to your kitchen work surfaces.

Just be sure to protect your cherished artworks by displaying the pieces away from the hob and sink.

Massive open shelving
Art doesn’t always come from a gallery. A wall of massive open shelving can be an exhibit of sculptural objects, colourful pots and pans, and even tableware.

Also consider the colours you put on your shelving unit. If your kitchen is already filled with colours, display pieces with muted tones. If your kitchen is crisply white, boost the mood with bolder hues. The colour contrast will instantly uplift your contemporary kitchen display.

Make it huge
A wall-sized installation, can also work strikingly beautiful.

To balance the bold artwork, combine it with expanses of white units. Also make sure to protect the pieces that are close to the taps, the hob or steam from the oven.

Display a cluster
If you plan to display multiple artworks, you could try a cluster filling up a feature wall. It needs a big area, but works very well on a blank wall..

To get the arrangement right, lay the pieces on the floor first to visualise the proper placing before you hang them to the wall. This will save you the hassle of having to reposition your picture hooks on the wall.

Choose the fabrics
Art doesn’t always need to be in a frame. Fabrics with great designs are excellent sources of visual indulgence as well!

Be bold with your pattern and colour choices. Kitchen dining areas are more cozy and comfy so treat them as such.

Frame in the view
If you have a view you love, make the most out of it.

Emphasize the natural or urban atmosphere outside your walls with large windows or glazed doors and keep the walls soft and plain so they won’t fight with the display view. A picture window is termed a picture window for apparent reasons.

Inject some art into your kitchen by using these ideas!