Fabulous Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens


Normally called the center of the home, a kitchen is a place where family members gather and share their day experience. However, when the space is limited, we tend to forget its main purpose. Accurate planning and designing are very much needed to create a visually appealing and great functional kitchen area. Here are some tips for your small kitchen design.


Proper Positioning

Having kitchen doors that open up to the outside creates the image of much more space. The wood floors of the area expand out through the doors. A spacious yet small kitchen like this can be obtained by improving the storage and getting rid of unnecessary things.


Go for a Kitchen Galley

The kitchen galley makes more space by separating parts in a different side. The kitchen’s gray and beige scheme is strikingly accented with a natural light that comes through the tall windows of the adjacent small table.


Tiny Kitchen Island

This little kitchen island serves both as a cutting board and provides additional storage for kitchen utensils. A type of island that can will surely fit any size of a kitchen, add to it it’s mobility for having small wheels at the bottom enabling it to move in every part of the kitchen.


Suspended Pans

An island with a fashionable yet practical look like this won’t take too much space, with the pans and other kitchen cutlery that are stylishly suspended within reach. By doing this design, cooking and food preparation will be much easier.


Urban Chic

The kitchen’s expensive and dazzling motifs best describe a luxurious living. A great kitchen island which is multi-functional and at the same time used as a divider.


The Dish-wares

Putting your fabulous kitchen wares into a lovely arrangement adds the art to a kitchen. By simply balancing the positions of things in your shelves and giving it an edgy look. A very good idea of using the utensils as accessories like your ceramics and old teapots can give a bit style to your kitchen.