Fabulous Kitchen Nooks To Add Charm in Your Home

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Kitchen or breakfast nooks – however you call them, have one thing in common: a pleasing charm that draws you to sit and relax for a bit.

What gives these nooks their appeal you may ask? Maybe it’s the cosy cushions or the intimate design that allows you to sit back and talk with family and friends. Another reason would be that kitchen nooks offer practical and versatile seating solution for many spaces that otherwise couldn’t fit a table.

Check out these ideas to help you select your very own style:


Multi-purpose Seating
Try to pair an exquisite dining table and mismatched chairs with casual bench seating around the edge. You can easily dress it up for a grown-up dinner, or keep it laid-back for a quick breakfast with your kids. Also, be sure that the built-in seating has standard dining chair height so it would easily fit under the table.


Cosy space for two
A breakfast nook is definitely a great idea for smaller kitchens that can’t squeeze in a standard size table. Team up a narrow bench fitted to the wall with a small round table to save a whole lot of space. Cosy up the bench with some fluffy cushions and decorate the wall with photos to make it even more appealing.


Utilize the end of the galley
Slender kitchens can be really tricky to organize when it comes to finding the great space to dine. Why not sacrifice one end of the room so you’ll achieve an incredible dining area that will make all the difference! Build a mini bench seating on the compact corner of the room and combine it with a small table. Place a couple of comfy chairs as well so everyone could sit and enjoy your home-coked meal.



Incorporate stunning pieces
A plain white round table paired with pastel-coloured bench cushions and chairs, gives this simple set-up a charming appeal. What made this little nook extra special is the sudden boost of colour giving the room so much life and character.

Few things to remember when incorporating colours in any space is to make everything balanced. For instance, make the background as neat and simple as possible and work your way with the accessories. That would give your kitchen nook the look it deserves.


Keep it muted and elegant
Luxury and style can be hard to pull off sometimes because it can be a bit costly. The best solution for this is by mounting a stunning, deep-buttoned seating at the corner of your kitchen area. Enhance the glamour by adding touches of gold, wood and brass all throughout the room, but stick to a simple and muted palette. The end result would be a stunning contemporary kitchen!


Add subtle colours
The kitchen area is the centre of activity in most homes, so it pays to decorate it with a homely feel, just as you would in your living room. Coordinate the colours and textures you’ve used in the kitchen by selecting certain shades that you’ll play around with in order to achieve a cohesive look. A touch of yellow and greens, for example, as shown by this lovely kitchen space.

Experiment your way to achieving the best nook your kitchen can have. Tell us how you would decorate your own space, we’d like to hear it too!