Farmhouse Sinks Ideal For All Kinds of Cook

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Farmhouse sinks are certainly not just for the farmhouse any longer.

In reality, a quick glance at the gorgeous assortments of materials, colours, and shapes can work miracles in every single kitchen styles; from classic, traditional, industrial, and rustic to ultra-modern kitchens.

You can never go wrong with the classic white ceramic, but be sure to explore the slates, steels and even concrete versions as well for a striking kitchen update.

Double it up
An enormous double-bowl sink with a dividing wall on the centre is perfect for the busy kitchens because of its multipurpose use. You can do the washing-up on one side and drain the dishes on the other.

This simple design demonstrates that such a traditional fixture can work just as a well in a contemporary kitchen scheme, even when paired with a classic brass tap.

Earth tones
An all-time interior designers favourite is the sleek white, deep ceramic sink because of its timeless look and robust feature.

This classic favourite can be placed happily amid white, black, and wood surfaces. The combination of neutral colours balances out the modern and rustic elements harmoniously.

The practicalities
A deep bowl sink made from tough, handmade fireclay is a suitable addition to a laundry room, contributing a huge area for scrubbing dirty boots and hand-washing clothes. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to eliminate everyday stains and combine it with a solid wood countertop for a genuine look.

Go for the trough
Even the humblest kitchen sink would make such great design statement.

A huge trough that has been carved from soapstone (a soft and genuinely natural stone with lovely veining) is non-porous but may eventually stain, so either be cautious or let a natural patina to progress over time. Mount matching soapstone worktops to complete the whole look.

Rustic backdrop
A simple white ceramic sink is the perfect partner if you’re kitchen space has bare brick walls and dashing wooden units. The mixture of natural colours and materials is perfect for a modern rustic look.

A flash of steel
Go for a traditional farmhouse sink but with a modern makeover of shiny and sophisticated stainless steel. This adaptable material is heat and stain resistant, while the non-porous and smooth surface is both hygienic and practical; a brilliant combination for a busy modern-day kitchen.

Show some industrial vibe
Concrete sinks are edgy and stylishly industrial.

Though the basic materials are cheap, the competence of the design and installation will boost the overall price. All concrete sinks should be waxed and sealed to make them water-resistant and help diminish staining.

Pair it with a stunning worktop
Make a stunning ceramic farmhouse sink even more beautiful by combining it with a sleek and elaborate worktop.

You may choose a swan-neck tap with porcelain handles and a gorgeous granite worktop. Having the worktop sketched to follow the line of the sink generates a clever finish.

Sinks can also impact the overall look of your kitchen. If you have the budget, always go for a practical and stunning material like these designs!