Find Good Choices for Your Kitchen Worktops

There are always three things we consider when we are choosing kitchen worktops. The first of this is budget since this will dictate how much we can spend on materials. How practical our choice will be is our second priority because we always want to make sure that it will be easy for us to maintain our worktop with ease. The last is the appearance of our kitchen since we want to make sure that the details, the design and that wow factor are enough to satisfy our needs.

You can have uniformity in the kitchen with your worktop complementing your cupboards to your larders. You can go wth that eclectic design so you can have all the contrasting colours going together to create something unique, or you can still go for something that you haven’t tried before once you get to know all the factors involving choosing a worktop design.


No matter which work surface you choose, it will need to be measured up and the material cut to make sure it fits the cabinet or stand where it will be installed. The template needs to fit the hobs, sinks and anything you want to attach to a breakfast bar or even an overhang. Generally this will need to be done in the factory and can take approximately 3 weeks so you will need to factor this into your timelines of when your new kitchen will be complete.


Many kitchens find themselves with granite worktops. And why not? It is durable and strong. Cooks love using the cold surface to make the pastry. No cook will get bored working on the surface that has a unique pattern and colour. Granite is porous and therefore will need constant care by making sure it is protected from scratches and stains. Placing trivets and chopping boards to protect from the edges of knives and heat. Annual resealing is also essential in keeping its gorgeous look.


Another natural stone to consider for your kitchen worktop is marble. You can have marble worktops installed in four materials that will make any kitchen more gorgeous. Although a marble worktop will give your kitchen a more natural look, your marble worktop will need special care.


A luxurious worktop is great for any kitchen with different looks. Although similar to granite, quartz worktop has better colour viscosity. Just one variety of quartz can offer in more than sixty colours with a plus due to built-in protection from bacteria build up. Quartz worktops can resist stain as well as scratch. Of course, it isn’t necessary to abuse the worktop, you can make use of kitchen accessories like chopping boards and trivets still.

Hi-macs and Corian

Materials that have solid surfaces do well with curves, fluid shapes and flowing lines like Corian and Hi-macs. These worktop surfaces can create a seamless finish that can make it look like it’s made from a single piece. They can be merged with the sink. It is artificially made but the patterns and colours are uniform, so when joined with other pieces, it looks invisible and creates the illusion that it is from one slab. Due to it having no joins or gaps, it is ideal to prevent bacteria from seeping in between, and you can make it fuss free by installing the newest flush fit hobs.


Classic and contemporary kitchens go perfectly with wood because they make it homier. Wenge and Iroko types of wood have a more modern appeal, or you can also choose to use maple, oak and beech. Bamboo is also making a splash as an alternative.

Depending on where you live, opt for the wood you can get locally. It is also essential that you know the piece you are getting which means that you know its tone and grain. Wood worktops are great in the kitchen and they will develop that certain scent and their character will depend on how often you use it. You will need to maintain wood more often than other worktops like oiling it if possible every three months. With doing this, you will enjoy more of your wood worktops.

New trends

Quartz certainly made an impression in the kitchen, the colours available for worktops have a neutral tone and will fit perfectly for contemporary furnishings. Though there are different hues available, white quartz is the most preferred because of the glamour it brings out in contemporary style kitchens.

Thickness and depth

Kitchen designers know that depth and thickness can define how the kitchen worktop will look. Worktops do not have to be the same from one to the other. In fact having different depth and thickness can actually differentiate which space is for what use. For example, thicker worktops can be used for prepping the food while slimmer surfaces can be used for another purpose such as doing the kid’s homework or office papers. Silestone and preferred hard surfaces can create deeper islands and peninsulas. They can fit downdraft extractors flawlessly incorporated to the worktop, which are better than having a overhanging extractor creating a more lavish looking kitchen.


Although there is a standard height for worktops, you can still ask your kitchen designer to vary the height of the worktops. Worktops are not only for kitchen work but can also be used for other purposes. If you decide to follow the standard height for your worktop where you prepare and cook food, this may not be a good height when you use bar stools since your back will likely suffer.

Your kitchen designer will most probably inform you that the materials for your worktop should match your preferred height. For example, if you are going to use your worktop as a kneading surface when you bake, granite surfaces are the best worktop surface for you. Even the colour of your worktop is important. If the stretch of the colour of your worktop has a dark tone, you may want to add lighter hues in other heights of your worktop to make it look more engaging.

Mix and match

Worktops do not always have to be the same all the time. Your worktops will look more interesting if there are a variety of materials, this can also help your budget too. For example, some premium materials will have premium prices like granite and quartz, but if you fit some wood surface in some areas of your kitchen worktop, the appeal will be eclectic not to mention it can fit better into your budget.

At last…

If you want to take your kitchen worktop seriously, then it is more advisable to hire a professional to do it. If you are still unsure about which worktop to use, take your time, don’t rush get some professional advice first.

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