Finest Kitchen Storage Trends For 2016

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Every so often, home owners want to strike a balance between concealing and revealing their kitchen materials that would eventually result in an organized space. Nowadays, a variety of storage ideas that could help boost up even the most disordered of kitchens into shape, have finally been made into reality.

Here are some of the best kitchen storage models that will definitely rock your kitchen space!


The Breakfast Cabinet
The most important meal of the day needs to be well thought out, that is why you need to think about incorporating a storage space that’s meant to stock all your breakfast essentials.

This specific breakfast cabinet does not take too much space; just enough to fit everything in place without being too crowded. It even has the perfect work surface for when you’re preparing coffee and toast!


Multi-functional Islands
If you’re the type of person who loves to hang out with friends but don’t want to spend a lot of money by going out, then why not bring the party over at your place.

Go get something that serves a lot of function and style into your home just like this particular piece. It offers a significant boost of storage, while having just enough work space to prepare drinks. It’s economical, plus you get to enjoy the comfort of your own home.


Open shelving
Open shelves are always a good idea to go for in the kitchen, especially when it is made to look like your living room storage. Just remember to arrange them pretty nicely so they won’t clutter the area.

Also, you could do some colour coordination with the pieces, or play a little bit of contrasting like this one. Either way, it would still look stunning as long as you keep things minimal and well-organized.


The Concealed Kitchen
Having a large, all-in-one multi-functional space that serves as living room, kitchen, and dining area definitely has it perks, yet of course it has its downsides. Some home owners can’t relax with friends or watch films with the family when there are dirty dishes just lying around visibly on the worktops.

Now, there is an absolute solution for that: the concealed kitchen. All the contents of this kitchen can be hidden behind the bi-fold doors, meaning the owners don’t have to clear up until after they’re done lounging with family and friends.


Herb planting space
For those people who wants fresh ingredients at hand; this one is a definite must for you. Try integrating a space solely meant for growing fresh herbs. You could DIY by hanging mason jars on a wall-mounted board using hooks and adjustable metal pipe straps, or make a herb wall, designed to create vertical gardens.

Try out these finest storage trends to fully make the most out of your kitchen space!