Functional Accessories For The Kitchen

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Contrary to what everyone believes, there’s actually a lot more activities that go on in the kitchen than just cooking and preparing a meal. For many homeowners, the kitchen is the space where they spend their time not only for eating, but also for reading, entertaining, relaxing, and even working! With all that activity taking place in one area, your kitchen worktops will undoubtedly be cluttered after just a few days.

So if you’re tired of continually finding bottles, containers, packages of food, dirty dishes, junk mails, your kids’ homework, and all sorts of random things being placed on the kitchen counters far too often, then maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your storage.

Here are some simple, but efficient ways on how you can maximise the surface area of your worktops, but still keep it functional!



Stylish Kitchen Trays
A beautiful decorative tray can really make a big difference in your kitchen. Instead of sprawling out all the things you often use across the counter or shoving them into a corner, try storing them all together in one tray. Place the taller items in the back, and the shorter ones up front for easy access. You can even use larger or longer wood trays if you’ve got a lot of things to keep organised in one place.



Try the Tiered Stands
Kitchen trays can only give you so much flat surface to work with, but tiered kitchen stands can provide you with extra layers of it. Also, when you style them in a way that complements the rest of your theme or decor, they can look very striking. Another great idea is to use a tiered stand for storing some of your fresh fruits and herbs. You can also use them to stock cutlery or dishes for more convenience.



Convenient Canisters and Jars
Keeping all your kitchen materials in your cabinets always seems like a good idea at first — until you realise that those dark, confined spaces are a huge pain to deal with when overcrowded. If you bake or often cook for your family, try using large ceramic canisters or glass jars instead, and line them up neatly. Utilize them to store sugar, flour, pasta noodles, cookies, nuts, cereal, biscuits, or any other favourite ingredient that you can fit in there.



Beautiful Kitchen Baskets
Similar to kitchen trays, baskets make an excellent addition to any kitchen worktops, and the best thing about them is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! You can choose a basket that looks like a tray or opt for larger-sized ones with some depth to them. Smaller ones are also excellent for keeping all those tiny things organised, so you always know where to find them.




The Hangable Solutions
As much as you try to maximise your kitchen space and keep your worktops free from any disarray — there will always be a limit to how much you can do before they start looking cluttered again. If this is a problem you’re currently dealing with, then you may have to get a little more creative. You can try fastening mason jars to the bottoms of your cupboards or hanging some small baskets to your backsplash area, and even mounting a wooden pole that you can use along with some removable hooks! That will certainly do the trick.

What’s your favourite way of keeping your kitchen worktops neat and organised? Feel free to try out the storage ideas featured above!