Give Your Kitchen Island a Fresh New Look

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Kitchen islands are an everyday essential. It contains storage and holds vital appliances, while providing sufficient space for sitting and dining with your loved ones.

It’s also commonly placed at the centre of the kitchen space, which means there’s no missing it, so perhaps it’s time to treat yours with a little makeover. Here are some clever ways to re-invent this kitchen staple!

Replace the old ones
Changing the handles is one brilliant and cheap way to give your island a renewed vibe. Pick handles made out of trendy material such as brass, for a classy look. You could also try out a unusual material to achieve a unique look, which could be leather, for instance.

Add some panels
A simple tongue-and-groove panelling can give so much texture and striking detail to an island. This technique could work perfectly in a shaker-style scheme, but it can look fresh and contemporary when combined with a rich, bold colour.

Cover it with a gleaming metal
Coating your island with some copper or brass sheets can instantly transform its overall exterior into something posh and stylish. To keep the costs into a minimum, try covering just the corners of the island that’s visibly seen from most angles, but you could also go all out by coating the entire piece!

Try a different colour
Painting your island with a fresh, new colour is a simple yet truly effective way to quickly modify its appearance.

If your kitchen has a pale scheme, try coating your island with a contrasting shade to help it stand out against the background. This is a risk-free way to present colour in a room without being too overwhelming.

Light things up
Fitting a couple of LED lighting strips to an island can surely brighten it up and mark it out as the main feature of your kitchen. Fix them underneath the worktop or at the base, placed just above the kickboard, for a modernly elegant feel.

Place some mirror insets
Fixing your island with some thin strips of mirror inset, is a guaranteed technique to boost its appearance and produce stunning reflections. These mirror insets can be effortlessly attached by just using a super-strong grab adhesive.

Insert some baskets
Modify the open storage space of your island, by inserting some handmade baskets that can be neatly tucked on each shelf. Baskets are quite inexpensive, so you easily remove them in the future, in case you get tired of the overall look.

Treat your island with a gorgeous revamp by using these simple techniques!