Gorgeous White Kitchen Schemes

Bright white kitchen cabinets - Designer Kitchens

Lately, modern white kitchen designs is the default option for a lot of home owners because of its stunning features. The neat lines and muted colour of this scheme truly produces a sense of balance and tranquility to the entire home. The colour white also keeps any room from looking too crowded and claustrophobic, specifically when the space is quite limited and compact.

Here are some beautiful design ideas of white kitchens that you’ll definitely want to recreate in your own home:


Go for handle-less units
This super-stylish kitchen features handle-less doors to achieve a sleek, modern appearance. This methods actually fosters a streamlined look and clears away any possible visual clutter. The white quartz worktop, black dining table, wooden benches, and massive pendant lights fits the overall minimal appearance of this kitchen.


The geometric Splashback
Splashback walls became a smash hit in 2016 that so many home owners wanted to incorporate this design in their own space. Apart from the usual splashback designs, geometrical patterns were also a popular style option. Here, the cupboards were painted a solid white colour with trimmings of natural wood on the edges to fully emphasize the splashback pattern.


Sleek white kitchen
There’s just something elegant about a simple white kitchen with a few touches of wood and natural hues. Keeping the tiles on the wall just halfway through also adds a modern twist to this room. A subtle yet stunning impact is given by the combination of natural wood, plain white units, neutral-toned accessories and lots of greenery.


Combination of white and marble
Who wouldn’t love a spacious kitchen like this? It managed to look chic and modern yet cosy and characterful at the same. In this particular kitchen, the owners opted to install a large island to accommodate sociable breakfasts with the family and maybe even a few drinks with friends.


Replace it with wood
During the previous years, more and more home owners veered away from the usual sleek cabinets and preferred the look a wooden, handle-less designs. The wonderful integration of the wooden surfaces definitely adds a vital sense of style to the space, as it blends well with the background.

The simplicity of this design also tells a story about the creativeness of the home owner; one who knows that sometimes, the best things in life are kept to a minimum so as to avoid unnecessary clutter.


The open kitchen layout
If you have a large kitchen area just like this one, it can really be easy to go overboard in decorating the room with lots of details. This is especially true when the kitchen is linked to the dining area.

That is why careful planning needs to be done in order to fully utilize the space, making it spacious enough for movement and conversations. A great way to make this happen is to place a wood furniture, as it doesn’t take too much space.

Truth us, white kitchens will never go out of style. So why not create your very own version of it? Don’t forget to incorporate some bits of your own character and personality to the design.