Gorgeously Matt Kitchen Designs

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Matt finishes have become really popular over the recent years. Opposite to the glistening surface of high gloss, matt gives off a nice flat surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. A lack of shine, however, does not mean the matt kitchens are inferior to the gloss for they too have many qualities that makes them an excellent design option.

Here are some of the most beautiful matte kitchens to take inspirations from:


Go With Matt Black
The most usual way of integrating dark-toned kitchen units and cabinets would be to paint the base in a deep shade, whilst keeping the upper portion light-toned so the room would feel balanced and well grounded. However, this matt black sink area proves just how exquisite all-black units would look like, particularly when combined with contrasting-coloured accessories, some fresh greenery and herbs.


The Perfect Combination
This kitchen has a harmony of vivid colours. The combination of bold peach walls with green cabinetry and eggplant backsplash is truly a work of artistry. Adding in some black cabinets also prevents the colours from clashing and overwhelming the space. Even the floral carpet is a piece of its own!


Keeping It Tidy
Neat lines and unnecessary details are the key to achieving a luxurious, minimalist vibe in your kitchen. Matt handle-less cabinetry, slimline worktops, and under-mounted sinks are the perfect example on how to work to look. The mere absence of handles instantly creates a smooth, uninterrupted flow of the space and is also a great choice for smaller kitchens, for it will make the room look bigger.


Serene White Look
This compact galley kitchen gives off an aura of sophistication and class thanks to the uniformed look of matte white. The pop of contrasting colours also helps with the overall look of the room as it provides texture. Keeping the colour palette muted actually allows a space to feel larger than it really is, which is the perfect solution for smaller kitchens.


A Pop of Colour
If you don’t feel like going all out on colour, then why not settle for a single pop of vibrant hue such as these matt blue cabinets. Keeping the background neat and organized also helps in achieving this look so the space would not feel crowded. Go with neutral tones, coppers, woods, and even the classic white tiles to complete the look!

A little inspiration, creativity and planning is all you need when it comes to designing a matt kitchen. Tell us how you would design yours!