Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Even the tiniest of kitchen spaces need to go big when combining design and function. No matter how awkwardly shaped your space is, there are plenty of design hacks you could utilize to make the most of its potential!

Be inspired with these ideas to make wonders out of a minuscule room.


Store them up high
A clever way of adding more storage into any small kitchen is to mount cabinets high up the walls. To give it a bit of a modern vibe, place some bold chairs in a contrasting color for that interesting twist.


Open storage display
Incorporate some built-in open shelves in your kitchen wall for added design and storage unit. You could place some neutral-toned or vibrantly-coloured cutlery and some kitchen accessories to revamp plain kitchenware into chic display.


Bespoke cupboard
A well designed storage space is much more capable of storing goods. It can be used to stockpile almost everything; from kitchen equipment to food supplies and even your china wares. An all-in-one storeroom is perfect for kitchens with smaller spaces for it keeps everything neat and organized.


Industrial-style Kitchen
Kitchens with condensed spaces can still look edgy and stylish. The perfect way to go for if you want to upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetic is to integrate industrial pieces with Shaker-style elements for a harmonized look.


Highlight some colour
A dash of vibrant colours is the best choice for adding dramatic character into any tiny space. The room might be small, but it can still have some appeal. Matte shades can really stand out against white backdrop; choose one tone that highlights the design features of your kitchen area.

Get the most out of diverse elements, textures, and colours to produce stunning style combinations into your small kitchen space.