How to Create an Industrial Themed Kitchen Space

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Wanting to create an industrial style kitchen, but not sure where to start? These ideas will help you accomplish the look you’ve been longing for!

Instead of the usual monochrome look, go for an edgier look by utilizing vintage and metal raw materials, as well as reclaimed wooden furniture to boost up the style.


The key materials
The trademark materials for an industrial interior are metal, wood, and brick (optional for it could not be applied to some). One kitchen setting can blend all of these materials to add an outstanding effect.


Luxurious focal point
Merge wood with steel plus an additional sparkle by mounting up a magnificent chandelier as the centerpiece. This particular design offers an alluring and romantic vibe to this otherwise modernly rough kitchen scheme. Remember to keep other elements as neutral as possible to achieve utmost impact.


Huge window frames
Massive window frames can add a certain vibe into any room. It also allows natural light the flood the entire area, thus creating a balance between dark and edgy to light and airy.


Soft features
Industrial interior does not have to be dark and gloomy. You could also go for a light-themed industrial kitchen by mixing steel, washed out wood, and some light coloured kitchen appliances, as well as accessories to equalize things.


Balance it up
Put together an industrial kitchen with a bit of coziness in it by incorporating softer elements. Fresh flowers, pastel-coloured accessories, a bit of fabric, and some light-toned ceramic objects can definitely soften up the rough feel of metallic pieces in this room, creating a more relaxed mood.


Feature wall
If you don’t want to go for an all-out brick finish, pick a wall you want to expose and make everything else plain and light-toned for the ultimate finish. The contrasting effect still looks as stunning.


Homey Feel
Fuse metals and wood without making them appear too rugged. If you want to join in a softer take on the industrial trend, go for the smooth brick-shaped tiles, mismatched wooden chairs, light-toned metals, with lots and lots of plants for a cozy feel.

Try out these simple ways to stylishly refurbish and achieve an appealing industrial kitchen space!